Sunday, December 27, 2020

That Moment Of Panic!!

I'm sure everyone has experienced it ... that moment of panic when you run around screaming like a crazy woman.  Okay, maybe it's just me, but when it happens my heart rate goes sky high and I get that huge sinking feeling that tears my heart out.

It was a beautiful warm sunny day.  Surprise, since it's been so cold and windy.  I unloaded another ton of junk from the RV, stacking stuff everywhere thinking I would sort it out later.  Suddenly, all I saw was Cooper.  I looked around quickly and called for Jessie.  Nothing.

OMG maybe she got out?  She couldn't have ... no way!!  I'm very careful of that.  I called and called, clapping my hands loudly since she can't hear, running from one end of the house to the other.  She knows to come when I clap.  NOTHING.

INSTANT PANIC!!  She got out!  I ran outside and down the hill, yelling and clapping until I saw movement.  I FOUND HER!!  Nope ... what I found was a face to face with a big coyote!!  YIKES!!  I turned tail and ran back up the hill.

My heart dropped even further.  Nooooooo my poor Jessie is probably gone.   Back in the house, I slumped on the couch and guess who came and stuck her head on my neck!!  All this time she was sitting on the back of the couch where I couldn't see her.  Little Brat!!  So that was my exercise for the day.

 Something very similar happened to me in Costa Rica.  Here we are again at the "dock", and I use that word loosely. 

 All aboard, we took off like a shot with two other boats along a very narrow and shallow river of sorts.

The guides were kind enough to point out the alligators.  Patty and I looked at each other.  What in the heck did we sign up for?????

Soon the little waterway turned into a huge river being filled even higher with rain like I've never seen.

Every mile or so we saw a dock of sorts all looking like they were going to fall over.  My oh my ..... there's a hotel back here somewhere??

The two houses we passed didn't exactly look like five star accommodations.   By now I'm thinking maybe a minus three!!

At long last we pulled in to a dock similar to the above and walked up the hill to find these huts on stilts.  THIS is our "hotel"?  I mean it's gorgeous and green, but .... but ..... are we staying here?

Even the walkways are built on stilts!!  We made our way down this one to the farthest room.

Ooh ... creatures.  This may not be so bad after all!!  It's a good thing I didn't take my bestest (not a real word) camera because by now we are soaking wet.  Even my tennis shoes are wet all the way through.

This is it ... our humble abode for the next few days.  The good part is there was at least a concrete shower ... sort of ... with not really warm water, but it was so hot and humid, we didn't care.  There are no windows, only screens on the openings above the bed and on two holes in the wall out front.

It wasn't time to panic yet, but it was coming very soon.  We didn't unpack since there was no place to hang anything.  Not that we HAD anything to unpack but one extra pair of shorts and a T-shirt.  I can still hear myself uttering the words "why didn't they TELL us about this?"

It gets even better, but I'll tell more of the story tomorrow.  For now, I'm doing some stretches and going for a walk to try and limber up from yesterday's Jessie scare that has left me stiff as a board. 

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.


  1. Oh my gosh I can feel your moment of panic! So scary! Little Jessie probably wondering what all the fuss was about! Gotta say that water in Costa Rica doesn't look too inviting. The little heart on the bed is cute though.

    1. You don't want to go swimming in that river, that's for sure. The heart is towels rolled up!

  2. Poor Jessie was probably having a nap and wondered what the commotion was all about. Our Cats did that to us.
    If anything your Costa Rica trip has taught you is to read the fine print. Great pictures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. You are certainly right about Jessie. She couldn't figure out why I was calling her!!

  3. As Skruffy got older I would allow her off leash now and then. Did that as we visited Redwoods State/National Park up north of Eureka, and she just started going up this small mound...up, up, and gone out of sight. CRAP! What if there is a mountain lion? What if there ... and suddenly she appears and starts coming back down. Sure miss that little girl despite the heart attacks she gave me now and then.

    1. It's so scary when they run off. Or just sit on the back of the couch! LOL

  4. I know that feeling. Had it when Yuma bolted out into the darkness the other night. All is good that ends well 😀 Your boat trip was great. You can't help but like the remote environment. Nothing better than high humidity to make you appreciate AC.

    1. It was so hot ... how hot was it? ... that we put on wet clothes just to cool off.

  5. I enjoy reading your blog, it's funny and entertaining, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  6. Jessie was probably laughing inside at you running around like a fool. :) Ha ha. I'm SO glad it turned out alright, I remember many panic moments when I couldn't find Clemson. Sometimes it was when I dropped him at a groomers and forgot!! LOL Now, that's foolish!