Monday, July 29, 2019

Well That's Weird

The other morning I heard a group of coyotes way off in the distance.  I usually keep my eyes close to home, but on this day I looked way out beyond the railroad tracks.  I spotted the back of something moving through the bushes.  Naturally I grabbed my camera, just in time for nothing.  Not a movement anywhere.

All of a sudden my old, or rather young deer buddies came walking up through the brush.  Here I thought I was going to get a picture of several coyotes.
The weird part is I haven't seen hide nor hair of them since.  I guess those storms we've been having have dropped enough water for them down in the creek.  In fact, none of my "critters" have been back except the quail and a couple of bunnies.
I think I showed you some Enlightened ice cream awhile back.  I decided yesterday it was time for a taste test.  They are coming out with lots of no-dairy things that fit right in to my no-sugar diet.  This one is marshmallow and peanut butter.  Not bad, as evidenced by the empty carton on the counter.
I should have known better when I grabbed this one.  I've tried Halo Top before and it was very icy with not much flavor.  This one was even more weird.  It tasted terrible and I couldn't figure out why.  I saw nothing that even resembled peanut butter or peanut butter cups.

What it did taste like was stale coconut.  Ugh ... I hate coconut.  Sure enough, it was made with coconut milk.  Scratch this one off.  I doubt I can even eat the rest of the small $5 carton.  It was just too weird.
This one will do the trick.  It's probably a good thing they aren't very good tasting, or I would be buying them all the time.
So who has had salisbury steak lately?  It's weird they call it that since it's not steak at all, but hamburger.  I remember it well from my childhood.  When a cow was butchered, it was all cut into roasts or ground into hamburger.  Mom did everything she could to disguise it.

I found this recipe where else but on the internet.  Basically, it's meatloaf made into patties and fried on the stovetop.  Then you make a sauce from beef broth, mushrooms, garlic and one weird ingredient that I just happened to have.  Dijon mustard. 

Who knew just a couple teaspoons of Dijon mustard would make this dish!!  Surprisingly, it was a keeper!!    
Here's the last weird thing of the day.  You know when you are on Facebook and you get dozens and dozens of those darn ads for things you aren't even the slightest bit interested in?  You tap on "hide this ad" and three more pop up in it's place.

Don't get mad, get even.  I began to report every single one I found on my phone.  Sometimes I reported them as offensive, but most times SPAM.  For every one I said was offensive, they sent a message back that they had investigated it and removed the ad from Facebook.  

I seriously doubted that, so I just kept on reporting.  Well that's weird ... amazingly the ads disappeared from my account.  I mean I get absolutely NO advertisements any more, only posts from my friends.

If you have the same problem, you might just try reporting every single one of them and see what happens.  I truly thought they would eject me from the world of the internet, but instead, I'm advertisement free.  

The weather remains weird too, 107 one day with rain, 95 the next with wind the likes of which I've never seen.  It hasn't been below 85 at night in three or four days.  What makes it bearable is the Giants are wining again ... something like 22 games in a row, which is VERY weird for them.  GO GIANTS!


  1. We seldom eat ice cream and if we do it has to be made from real milk, Suzie's family is Dairy farmers. It is amazing what a bit pf mustard can do to make a dish very tasty. Making hamburger patties, meatloaf or my meat pies I served in the restaurant.

  2. OK as the title says weird??? this is off-topic though
    I know you've been there more than once have you seen it

    Peanut butter and marshmallow that doesn't sound very appetizing especially when you're putting in ice cream you'd be better off getting a bunch of Reese's peanut butter cups and a bag of marshmallows and throw them in the freezer I do that with most of my mini mint candies.
    Remember it's not the candy that's bad for you,,, it's the lack of discipline

    1. Ha!! You are right there Ed ... no discipline!!
      I have seen that rose bush. It's crazy just how big it is. It covers the entire huge back yard. Who would think to plant a rose bush in your back yard in 1885??

  3. We make our meatloaf mix into hamburger shaped patties and cook them in a skillet. Preset portion control. Oh, instead of a bread we use chopped water chestnuts. Tasty.

    1. I like that portion control idea. I had a fleeting thought of that, but made them WAY too big. Next time they'll be smaller and I'll try the water chestnuts. Sounds very good!

  4. Coconut Milk! YUCK!!! Marcia, on the other hand, would love it.

    Go Giants!

    1. Yuck is right!! Marcia can have my share.
      Amazing what the Giants have been doing!!

  5. Hmm, ice cream I can't settle on. It needs to be either Chapman's (made close to home) or Tillamook (in the south). First ingredient is CREAM and that is our main goal! I think Mister Ed is right, it is all about portion control if you have to have it. :)
    Love the critter visits. You're lucky!

    1. Tillamook is one of my favorites. They carry it just about everywhere now. Unfortunately, there's way too much sugar for me. Portion control is why I always buy the pint containers!!