Tuesday, July 16, 2019

SURPRISE!!! Another Critter!

Isn't he cute???  This little guy has been living underneath the table that sits over the newly planted whatever it was (gosh, I've forgotten already).  Surprise!!  No more anticipation!!
He's not the REAL surprise however.  You can bet "I" was surprised when I looked out the window, as I do a hundred times a day, and saw this baby!  A beautiful buck growing a gorgeous pair of antlers!  I had seen tracks in the dirt previously, so I knew SOMEONE was visiting, I just didn't know who.
All I have ever seen around here are does (the female kind) and if I'm lucky, a fawn or two.  
He was very wary, taking over five minutes to even come up close to the water.  He finally took a very long sip.  Another few minutes went by before he drank again.  Even though my glass door was closed, I think he could hear the click of the camera with those big ears.
He licked up every drop after each drink.  These horns, now covered with velvet, are going to be huge! You can barely see, but he has a cute little white tail, which I'm guessing makes him a whitetail deer.  A beauty to behold!!  How could I be so lucky?
There's been no more rain, but it has been falling all around me.  Yesterday was a hot 108 in Tucson, 105 where I am with a low overnight of 84.  I keep the house at 80, so there was no opening windows or doors for me!!

I discovered quite by accident there was an appliqué class going on at my favorite quilt store, taught by a gal I met at a quilt show a couple years ago.  I crashed the class with excellent results.  Sometimes you just have to put on your BOLD pants and give it a shot.  I'll explain more later.  

In the meantime, I'm watching out my sliding glass door like a hawk!!!


  1. Wow! Lucky you! He's so beautiful! Well, the bird too but the buck! Those antlers make you want to touch them. You are such a kind home owner offering water. They don't know that you are lurking behind the window - or maybe they do. :) I'm so envious!!

    1. I doubt they actually see me, but I'm sure they see movement. So fun to watch them.

  2. What a couple of nice animal spotting , love that you back so nice to see them in your neighbourhood we have lots around here as well. enjoy them white you can. The problem around here is they like to run int cars on the road do lotsa damage.

    1. Luckily around here the deer stay away from the roadways. They sure are fun to watch.