Wednesday, July 31, 2019

There's Nothing Like It .... Oops!!

Actually, the oops happened first yesterday.  Overnight, I suspect as a result of the last Vail Gale, THIS happened.  Uh oh .. one of the family took a head-first dive off the table.  My first aid training kicked in immediately as I donned a pair of gloves (remembering all those stickers in my fingers in emergencies past) and went about resuscitating this baby.

So far so good ... she's repotted and sitting back on the table amidst several others so she can't fall down and go boom!!
While doing that, I noticed the clutch of thirteen baby quail, now teenagers, hitting the water station.  They were quickly followed by another group that came out from under a huge pile of cactus, only these were baby babies.  The once inch variety.  A second round of quail have been hatched.
Monsoon season is officially open for business in Arizona.  The forecast is for rain every day this week.  Don't get your hopes up however, since it literally rained on one half of my house while the other half got not a drop.  

One thing I can never get enough of is the soft afternoon "golden hour" light that comes after a storm.  It makes everything beautiful, even cactus.
It also makes for some of the most fabulous purple blue pink sunsets.  It's like a rainbow, only a hundred times better.
I parked my chair outside, flailing my arms to ward off all the bugs.  I didn't care.  THIS was a gorgeous sunset that lasted over 30 minutes.
I got my exercise for the day when I went back into the kitchen and hit a spider web straight on.  I danced around like I was walking on fire.  How do they do that??  Spin a web in 30 minutes to trap me when I return?  
Luckily I never saw the energetic spider that built it.  I contemplated my world globe in the garden for another few minutes before heading off to watch a baseball game.  The Giants lost this one to the Phillies, retribution for us kicking their butts the last time they played.
I've really got the itch to head out for some hiking and photography, but everywhere I want to go has dirt roads, not conducive to driving in the rain.  I'm going into historical building withdrawal.  Sometimes you just have to take off and see where you end up.


  1. Love those amazing sunset pictures. Just go for a drive and see where you end up , is always fun too.

    1. Yup ... that's what I did yesterday. Found a casino I never knew existed, along with a LOT of rain!

  2. One thing we don't get in our camps in Oregon are sunsets due to the hills along the river. Going into town to try and catch one is an option, but sometimes it will be full of incoming marine layer. Also hard to do when you have a diabetic dog that expects to eat at 7:30 morning and night...but I could feed her at 7:15 and get down to Gold Beach in time.

    1. I have the same dog problem! I do love the sunsets on the ocean, but sometimes they just happen too late.

  3. Better than Netflix, I tell ya. You've got a front row seat to the best view in the world & it's *free*.

    If it's any consolation, we've got spiders in other non-deserty areas over here and, while our sunsets are pretty good, they're not *that* good. This morning I showered with a ginormous hairy 8 legged beast - so big that OAT George could have slapped it on his Weber Q for dinner just because he can - but I didn't realize it was there until it was time to get out!

    I mean, I figure if I'm gonna be sharing my Pantene with killer crawling monsters, I might as well at least be in a place that puts on a spectacular technicolor light show every night before I have to stomp 'em, right?

    1. Hahaha Leilani ..... you're right! But oh those killer hairy monsters are scary and HUGE!! And of course they all come out after a good rain, right?? They give me the shivers!