Monday, July 15, 2019

Am I Part Indian?

Never poo poo my rain dancing.  It works!!!  But first, I had to move that oh so heavy bed out of MY bedroom into the spare room.  I moved it an inch at a time, I'm sure the equivalent of a mile.  I had to back out once completely, to turn it around and fit it in the door.  
I expected to be very sore this morning, but surprisingly, the rain dancing not only brings rain, but gets rid of overworked muscle soreness.  Who knew??  Here's the new beauty in all her glory.  Ashley Furniture delivered it right on time and had it set up in minutes.  
It's Jessie approved, mostly because at the bottom is a 15" tall ottoman I purchased so she didn't have to jump so high.  She's taken a tumble or two in her old age.
So I'm pretty sure I'm part Indian.  I did my little rain dance yesterday, careening around the house like a crazy woman.  It doesn't take long, mostly because I run out of breath.  At any rate, in the late afternoon, what should I hear but thunder.
I checked the forecast.  YES!!!  Look at that rain heading my way.  
It poured and poured!!  Not a lot of lightning, but lots of beautiful water.
Sunset came along with even more rain.  The desert smells so good when it's soaked!
Really, I MUST be part Indian.  Maybe there was someone in the woodpile.   Just as the sun went down, lightning began to light up the sky.
That's when I remembered my lovely new bed.  I thought boy am I going to sleep well tonight.  NOT!  That little rain dance created a monster.  I woke up at midnight to sounds worse than any freight train.  The wind was shaking the house and rattling the trees louder than I've ever heard.  It was scary!

No more rain dancing for me!!  Well just one.  I woke up again at 3:00 with the worst charlie horse ever in my leg.  I had to get up and dance around a little for relief.  That's when the SECOND charlie horse hit the OTHER leg.  I never got back to sleep.  My rain dancing days are over!!


  1. Nice that you got that bed moved and you new one all set up.
    Think maybe your rain dance was a little too much maybe? But at least you got your rain, and not one but 2 charley horses.

    1. I do love horses, but not those kind!! Too much crazy dancing for sure!!

  2. OK squaw maybe you put a little bit too much enthusiasm 💨💧☔️ in it
    Maybe that's crazy horses 🦄 way of getting back at you

    1. Ha ... you are SO right!! I'm putting the kibosh on it for awhile.

  3. Maybe after a good night's sleep the Rain and Charlie Horses will calm down.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Monsoons.

    It's about time.

  4. Nice bed. If you had put a couple of hand towels on each end I think it would have slid easier on that floor. Nice to have rain, even though it took away some sleep.

    1. I tried a big piece of cardboard, but it wouldn't stay put. It will be the last bed I ever buy!!!

  5. The bed is beautiful and I'm glad Jessie approves!
    Yay for the rain dance, glad it worked. :)