Monday, March 18, 2019

Who Knows Why???

I got a rude awakening when I went to do laundry the other day.  I usually leave the lid open on my washing machine, but this last week it was closed.  Wasn't I shocked when I DID open it and saw movement in the bottom of the barrel.  What????  It was a 2 inch long scorpion.  How the heck did THAT get in THERE????

Seriously, they can't climb up the slick side of the machine, can they?  Did he fall from the sky?  Just HOW are they getting in???  It's too darn early in the year to have these things and too darn early in the morning for me to have to deal with it.  

My longest pair of kitchen tongs carried him to the sink where he immediately went down the garbage disposal.  HA!!!!  Got you now!!  As I turned on the water he tried to come back up, but I was faster on the draw with the switch.  DEAD SCORPION .... ground into a million pieces and down the drain.  Yes, I DID think twice about selling out!  My other house does NOT have scorpions.
So it's back to being skittish for me ... I now look under every blanket and rug and don't sit on the floor with the puppies any more.  Patty came to pick me up for the quilt show in Green Valley, which was a nice distraction.

These ladies are serious about their quilting.  This was a crazy huge quilt with literally a thousand pieces, not only hand quilted, but HAND SEWN.  Can you imagine?  I would have been done after the first block.
This pattern called dresden plate was made with men's ties.  Very cool!
There's no rhyme or reason in my book for some of the awards.  They have professional judges who have their own criteria I guess.  Maybe some day it will make sense to me.  This quilt won the big prize.  It's going to the local Hall of Fame, wherever that may be.  
In MY opinion, this or several of the others should have won.   
This was my favorite!
There were several of these quilts called thread painting.  The faces were made from different colors of thread sewn so close together it looks like a painting.  Kind of weird actually, but I'm guessing you can tell who they are.
Apparently we didn't win any of the gift baskets we bought tickets for because there were no late night phone calls.  I did pick up a melange of fabrics for my stash.  No, I don't have any idea what I will do with them ....... YET.
You've seen this one on my blog before.  It's a fairly popular pattern.  In fact, it's one I have the pattern and material for, and will start on when I return to California.
It was a great day, beautiful sunshine and NO wind in Green Valley, which sits at a lower altitude.  When I got home, I scanned the house with an eagle eye to be sure there were no nasties lurking in the corners.  

It's meet up time with the girls for chitchat and sewing today as I gear up to attend the Escapade currently happening at the fairgrounds.  I can't wait to see friends who are attending!!


  1. We do see a lots of quilts especially back home , most are hand sewn and hand quilted. And are judged on the quality of the sewing and design.
    Now have fun at the escapade.

    1. I guess the trend is back to the old days before sewing machines. That's like deciding to give up your car and walk everywhere. No thank you! LOL

  2. Interesting about the Scorpion and Quilts.
    Enjoy your time at the Escapade and say hello to the Mains.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  3. Liked your posts on Tombstone. One of Tom's favorite stops and I actually always enjoy the walk up and down the street looking in the shops, I like to help the economy also, and reading about the history. We will be visiting there next week one day.
    Beautiful quilts cannot imagine the work involved in a hand sewn one. Did not enjoy reading about the scorpion...:)

  4. I don't like the big prize winning quilt at all. That's a surprising win. We've had one scorpion, a few weeks ago. He was under the bathroom scale. It was Jim's turn to kill. We're using a rubber mallet so as not to damage the tile floor. Those things just creep me out.

    1. They creep me out too Allison! Wish I knew how they were getting in. The tongs work really well too, then I don't have to clean up any mess. If there were a man in the house, he would be doing it EVERY time!