Tuesday, December 26, 2023

A Foggy Christmas Day

 IT'S HERE!!  Christmas Day has finally arrived!!  It didn't snow here, but the thermometer was down in the 30's.  Apparently it doesn't work any better than my oven thermometer.  My house thermometer is the same.  It reads 72, but when I test it with my handy dandy hand-held, it reads 67.  My oven?  I set it at 400 to get somewhere in the neighborhood of 325.  I think I need a repairman!!

It was probably very nice somewhere, but it was very foggy here.  By 8:00 you couldn't see the fence.  That made it rather hard for the kids down the block to be riding their new four-wheelers.  You know, the Barbie and Ken kind.  At least they didn't make any noise and I didn't hear any sirens!!

Mr. Cooper ate his breakfast and went right back to sleep.  It's not fair ... how he can sleep all night long, wake up, then 30 minutes later go back to sleep.  He wasn't even interested in his stocking.

Jonathan doesn't care much for Christmas.  He gets his favorite meal every day of the week, so it's nothing special.  He did want to get in on the act however ... so turn up your volume.  The loudest one is me of course.  He went on for about an hour before also going back to sleep.  These guys sleep mostly during the day, as do the bird predators.  They stay awake at night hoping not to be someones dinner.

I finally got Cooper's stocking down for a look see.  It took him two seconds to stick his nose in the end.  This kid can smell a ball a mile away!!

Apparently he was looking for a snack, not toys.  Like any kid on Christmas, he didn't want to play with anything.  He just wanted a treat!!

He got one when we had ham and eggs for breakfast, and again (same picture) ham for lunch, and yet AGAIN ... ham for dinner.  At least I don't have to think two seconds about what there is to eat.  It's HAM.  Even the cold leftovers are REALLY good, so I can't complain.

That's it ... that was pretty much Christmas in this house.  I sewed yet another border on my quilt, picked up the house a bit and watched silly Christmas movies all day long.  At long last there are some new ones which weren't too bad.  At least they changed up the story lines a tad.

As you know, I'm not one to sit, so I finally decided to put my new California plates on the truck.  Y'all know my luck, so I did not keep them registered in Arizona.  

Here's the problem ... the fillers for my air bags come through the holes in the license plate.  I very carefully took the old plate off.  Wouldn't you know, the valve stem is too big for the hole.  RATS!!  I put the Arizona plate back on.

I contemplated that for awhile and decided I could drill it out myself.  You've got to love those Ryobi drills and batteries.  I'm pretty sure this one was charged up over a year ago and it still worked like a charm.  I set the plate over the edge of the concrete and stepped on it, before drilling away.  IT WORKED!

And here we are, all back together.  Of course I have no idea if the air bags are holding air now.  Hopefully they won't be a problem.  In retrospect, I probably don't need them anyway since I now have new springs for a cushier ride.

I spent the rest of the day watching football.  30 seemed to be the score of the day, while the 49ers lost 33-19.  Honestly, I'm looking forward to more RODEO!!

Time to gear up for the New Years all-night-long fireworks show and all the dogs running loose afterwards.  It's going to be like the Fourth of July around here.  Time to see how many earplugs I can stuff in my ears!!!


  1. Why oh why do the Raiders win when it probably isn't going to do them any good...and the Niners lose when that win would have nearly sewn up the best record going into the playoffs??? Oh GEE WHIZ, Merry Christmas anyway! lol

  2. Just love Cooper looking in his stocking.
    Hope you have a good day!

  3. I bought noise cancelling headphones. They work wonders when the fire alarms go off here. You might check into that.
    Linda Sand

    1. Hahahaha Linda ... do we have the same problem???

  4. My second day of eating ham too. I love it. Hot, cold, luke warm, whatever.

  5. Cooper looking in his stocking was a cute picture. Merry Christmas from Tom and I! Hugs!

    1. I think he was really looking for those expensive snacks he loves!! LOL