Wednesday, November 11, 2020

The Trap Is Set!!!


It was an interesting and fruitful day.  Wait until you hear THIS story.  First off, I finished off that garlic sourdough with a grilled cheese breakfast.  Mighty tasty.

Next was how to get to the repair shop and pick up my pickup.  I called everyone.  I really didn't want to add to my Pumpkin Patch mileage, but 3 miles would be nothing.  I finally called Prince Charming, but he was visiting one of his kingdoms out of town.  

You're not going to believe this.  Rather than have me walk, he called one of his employees to pick me up.  Now THAT'S Prince Charming.   At the repair shop, it was again .... the batteries.   $436 later, I was loving my drive home.  On the way, I may have discovered the problem.  

I have a trailer brake control hooked up (remnants of my beautiful horse trailer) that started to light up like a Christmas tree.  This may be the phantom I've been looking for.  I'll disconnect it and see what happens.  

 Now to check out the critter cam video and see who the trapeze artist is that ate all the cat food.  Here you go folks ..... my first "skunk".  I bet you already figured it out!!

Pay no attention to the time and date stamp.  I didn't set it up on the camera.  A darn kitty cat instead of the civvy cat I was looking for.  BUT WAIT ............  THERE HE IS!!!

 Of course I didn't have the camera tethered quit tight enough and it moved ... but THERE IT IS!  THAT DARN SKUNK!!

I made a beeline for the Tractor Supply store and picked up another trap.  In fact, I got two for the price of one.  I'm planning a huge celebration party when I catch it and you're all invited!!

While I waited for dark to arrive, since skunks only come out at night, I decided to whip up some soft peanut brittle.  I've never made it before, but I like a challenge.  First off I needed a double boiler to melt the peanut butter.


You're not going to believe my SHOCK when I reached in and picked up a very old bowl.  Something stuck to the bottom.  My brain went crazy.  What the heck?  Where did THAT come from??  Honestly, I have no idea, nor any memory of putting cash there.  I haven't used these bowls in probably five or six years.  

This made me feel SO much better about the truck, enough to pay for it and the new trap!  So everyone should go move all the bowls in their kitchen.  You never know!

 The soft peanut brittle turned out wonderful.  It's like eating the center of a butterfinger candy bar.  It just crumbles in your mouth.  YUM YUM!!

I spent the rest of the day setting up the traps.  I wanted the big one covered, in case I actually DO catch the skunk.  I don't want to get sprayed.  Of course you and I both know exactly what I'm going to catch.  A kitty, but the wrong kind. 

 My plan is to bang on the cage and scare the heck out of it so it (hopefully) won't come back.  Maybe the NEXT one I catch will be the black one.

A little suspense here ... both traps were sprung this morning when I went outside.  When it gets light out, I'll see what I caught and check out the game camera.  I'm SO EXCITED!!!


  1. That Brake Controller has cost you numerous batteries and that Bill was ridiculous.
    Skunks come out mostly at night but do appear during the day.
    Hoping your traps work for you.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes the bill is high ... sadly, it's California and they are Interstate batteries. Would be much cheaper if I could install them myself.

  2. Glad you finally found that money I left you! (lol)

    My Paternal Grandmother made the BEST peanut butter/honey squares. Although we have the recipe, they just are not the same as hers. She died in 1963, although I was still just a lad, I can remember that taste...

    1. Well thank you Dave. It was definitely a Godsend. I can remember my Grandmothers divinity ... which I have to this day not been able to make.

  3. We bought traps at Tractor Supply too. Our neighborhood has a colony of feral cats. Caught one, but still need to catch a yellow one that is eating all the bunnies. Good luck!

    1. Awwww ... poor bunnies!! I didn't know I had so many in MY neighborhood!

  4. Want to know how to thank a veteran? Try being a someone worth fighting (or possible dying)for. Sadly, a big part of the population doesn't make the grade any more.

  5. That peanut brittle sounds delicious.

  6. Have you thought of shooting the skunk?

    1. Oh yes ... many times. BUT ... I live in a neighborhood and I've afraid of ricochet. Plus, they spray when they die. Don't want to be too close to THAT!