Friday, November 13, 2020

A Little Diversion

Even big game hunters need to take a break from constantly thinking about stalking their quarry.  Being the predator is hard work, even when it's skunks you are tracking.

When I found absolutely nothing in my trap yesterday morning, I decided to concentrate on my second favorite hobby ... food!!  Quilts of course are first.

I had a lovely Marie Callender pie crust in the freezer and a pound of bacon.  That equates to quiche in my book.  This one is bacon and onion with swiss cheese and a little cheddar thrown in for good luck.  The cheddar worked because THIS one did not end up in the cemetery out back.  Wouldn't the skunk have loved THAT!!

 There was one relatively BAD thing I discovered along with that .... my oh my I'm turning into my mother.  What a shock THAT was.  See this huge piece of foil?  You can easily tell .... this was the THIRD time I used that piece, flattening it out on the counter and plopping it on top of the quiche so it wouldn't burn.

What a shock to my system when I realized this.  My mother saved every piece of tin foil she ever used.  I suppose that would be thrifty, but really?  She WASHED big pieces and reused them.  I can't even begin to tell you how many kitchen drawers were full of used aluminum foil.  I quickly wadded it up and in the trash it went!!

For my next magic trick, since I was getting pretty tired of Lean Cuisine, I scrounged the internet until I found Every Plate.  This is one of the least expensive food service companies.  The ways to order are endless.  I pick the dishes I want (all at $3.99 a serving) and they ship right to my door.  

I can upgrade any meal to premium for a few bucks more ... things like steak and shrimp ... but I've become a chicken girl.  Here's the recipe cards, which I will of course keep and reuse when I cancel the program.

 All the veggies were of excellent quality.  No picking through the brussel sprouts for the good ones, they were ALL good.  I actually love the surrounding cushion that I can reuse for packing my treasures.

At the bottom was all the meat, sandwiched between two big blocks of frozen magic that I suspect is water.

 They include absolutely everything but a little butter and oil.  Time to forget my stinky backyard nemesis and get cooking.  It actually worked, forcing me to think more carefully about how not to burn dinner.

 TA-DA!!!  It was a success!  The sweet potatoes were supposed to be mashed, but I prefer them baked along with the sprouts which are covered in three huge pieces of bacon.  As it turned out, this is really dinner for three or four, there was that much food from this recipe. 

Okay, truthfully, it was almost a success.  It came with a huge clove of garlic, which I love.  I guess I used five cloves instead of the two it called for, making it garlic Heaven.  Maybe a little TOO much Heaven.  If the skunk had been around, I could have killed him with my breath!! 

 And so I reset the trap last night and completely forgot to set up the camera, which I left out of sight on my desk.  RATS RATS!!!

You see this morning when I opened the door, I could hear something in the cage scratching and digging like crazy.  Could be a kitty, could be the skunk.  It's still scratching as I type.  I'm almost afraid to go look so I'm waiting for daylight.   

The suspense is killing me!!!




  1. The meals look appetizing.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. So far they have been pretty good. Nothing I couldn't do myself, but this way I have food AND recipes.

  2. Fingers crossed it is the skunk...double cross that if it is, you don't get skunked.

  3. Looks like Feed the skunk day
    Let me see if I get this right you go through all the trouble to catch a skunk then you’re gonna bang on the can and scare the shit out of him and then you gonna let the skunk go I hope he never comes backWOW That’s the second funniest thing I’ve heard all day
    When you’re walking down the street and you find a dollar bill . don’t you look down at that spot every time you walk by it again?? maybe more money will materialize is that what you’re thinking that skunk is there for the same reason. Think like a skunk he / they comes into your yard for a certain reason... what is the reason... and eliminate that reason it’s somewhat of a simple deduction. Is the skunk coming into your yard or leaving your yard. If you take your game camera Set it a little closer to the hole You should be able to determine his coming or going
    Or if you Have a vacant lot behind your house throw your bait garbage over the fence Set your game camera up on the fence and see which direction he comes from .
    Is he ...digging... up grubs bugs or getting any dog food human food or grease or water in your backyard Remember he was there before you LEFT for Arizona And he had it pretty cozy While you were gone. he gets free room and board and pays no taxes.
    Are you sure he doesn’t live in YOUR yard.. under your shed behind a garage a wooded area is your yard a Cutthrough to get somewhere else... skunks Like any animal lives close to a food source you need to remove that food source as a deterrent So he’ll go pester somebody else.
    Remember if you’re lucky enough to catch him/her in the garbage can and you start banging on that can he’s going to get pissed off no pun intended now you’re gonna have to go buy a new garbage can do you know what the price of a garbage can is today
    Good luck. 成成成成成

    1. Correct on all points. They have had free rein, but no more!! I'm sure he's going after grubs and worms. My horse corral is probably a restaurant to him.

  4. Wow. Since I'm following after Mr. Ed I'll just say the food looks really good!

    1. Elva ... the food was VERY tasty!!! It's all in the sauce!

  5. No, there is no time to waste when you are pursuing your quarry! There is plenty of time rest once you get that bugger!

    1. You are SO right ... and that's just what I did!

  6. You are not alone in the Aluminum saving crowd...I still do it and when they get too funky I use the foil for baked potatoes in my campfire..The inside one or the outside fire..Taste much better than nuked and in the summer, who wants the heat from the oven in the house...

  7. You are not alone in the Aluminum saving crowd...I still do it and when they get too funky I use the foil for baked potatoes in my campfire..The inside one or the outside fire..Taste much better than nuked and in the summer, who wants the heat from the oven in the house...