Thursday, November 12, 2020


I waited as long as I could.  I knew something was in the trap, I just didn't know what.  When I could no longer stand the suspense, I went out with my flashlight and peeked inside.  RATS!!!  I'll let you watch the video before I blow it for you!

 Yup ... there was that huge yellowish gold kitty cat sitting there just waiting.  He really didn't even look at me.  My plan was to bang on the trap and scare him so he wouldn't come back.  I waited until daylight.  Trouble was, I felt sorry for the guy.  You may not know, but I'm a kitty lover too, as long as they aren't the black ones with white stripes.

I opened the door.  He went out so fast I almost didn't see him.  I banged on the cage as he disappeared over the fence.  I finally checked the game camera, hoping for some GAME instead of kitty cats.

I discovered I needed to change the settings, since it waited too long and didn't capture the actual capture!!

Next up ... ANOTHER friendly neighborhood cat.  I've never seen this one before.  Jessie has been exceptionally good at chasing kitties out of the corral.  Rarely do they enter, or so I thought.  This one was too big for that little trap.

 Sadly, that's it.  I did received a message from my neighbor, who has finally run into holes in HER back yard.  She found the tunnel dug under the fence and plugged it with rocks.  Trust me, I already know that won't work, as evidenced by the twelve holes in my other fence line.

I asked her to remove them so the skunk would continue to visit, in the hopes of slamming that gate on his flashy fluffy tail.  As of 3:00 this morning, he had not visited.  It's okay ... I'm VERY patient.  I'll be going out every single night and setting the trap and camera.

At some point I'll catch that bugger and have absolutely no idea what to do with it!!  I've thought about it over and over.  The challenge is to open the gate to release him and not get sprayed, thus the tarp cover.  I've been there before on the ranch.  I got sprayed by a skunk as he came out of a drainage pipe.  

It's bad ... just like you would imagine.  It smells like straight carbon monoxide from an exhaust pipe.  Made me sick as a dog in a matter of minutes.  I got washed down with the cattle sprayer.  I had to leave my clothes outside in the sun for five days before they could be washed.  No, there was no throwing them away ... we were poor.  I am NOT looking forward to another episode like that!!

Anyone notice tomorrow is Friday the 13th?  I'm not leaving the house, other than to check my trap.  It does seem the skunk comes around about every three days.  We shall see .........



  1. I wondered if you caught a rat and that was the attraction for the cats. Sorry that wasn't the case.
    You shouldn't need to worry about Friday, the 13th, you have bad luck many times through the year, it should be LUCKY for you!!

  2. Replies
    1. Me too, although I don't know what I'll do if I DO catch it!!

  3. Gotta feel sorry for the kitties...they're hungry..Still hoping you get the skunk though.

    1. That kitty was probably not really hungry ... he was so fat he almost didn't fit in the cage!

  4. Like Patsy said tomorrow should be your lucky day.
    Too bad your camera doesn't record longer.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your victory.

    It's about time.

    1. I can change the camera settings, but need better batteries.

  5. Drive up to Sacramento with the Skunk and drop it off at
    6740 Tobia Way, Fair Oaks, CA 95628. I'll let you guess who lives there...let's just say it is a SKUNK which is too big to fit into your cage! (think Nancy's nephew)

  6. Given the way 2020 has been going . . . . please be extra careful if you do catch the "white-striped black cat" (although, if disaster strikes, at least you won't have problems with people and social distancing!)

    1. I also had that fleeting thought. I really do NOT want to get sprayed!!!