Sunday, November 8, 2020


That's a technical term for TAKE THAT!!

It was an interesting morning when I walked outside to a cold breeze.  Ten minutes later when I let the puppies out, after scouring the entire back yard for skunks, it had begun to rain.  Pretty much the first rain of the season.  Well it's about time, Mother Nature.  It rained for three hours straight.

I wondered silently if that meant the skunks were camping out in their drain pipes for the winter. 


It was actually still very dark at 4:30 when I landed in the kitchen to a disaster extraordinaire.  I don't know what got into me the day before.  Probably from watching all those darn Christmas movies.  I made peppermint marshmallows.  

"Leave the pan on the counter for the night" were the infamous words.  I admit, I did have a fleeting thought, but pushed it aside.  BIG mistake!

 That's weird I thought ... half the marshmallows are black.  NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  YESSSS!!  The ants had found them.  Oh good grief, or words that didn't even sound like that!  I think I invented a couple of new ones.  

 I took the pan outside and dumped it unceremoniously in the trash can.  DOUBLE RATS!!  I probably could have brushed them off the powdered sugar coating, but they were no longer appealing to me at all, even if you dunked them in melted chocolate, which was my plan.

Yes, at one point in my weird life, I bought chocolate candy-covered ants while in China Town, San Francisco.  I don't know what possessed me.  I never ate a single one but spent many an hour getting everyone ELSE to eat them.

 My first thought was spray, which I did at the front edge of my countertop when I saw them going UNDERNEATH between the top and the cabinet, trying to escape.  Great!!  Now I have ant spray all over the front of my cabinets.

Then I thought AMDRO!!  I found they were coming up the side of the pots and pans drawer.  I sprinkled a little at the bottom.  I also sprinkled some underneath the drawer.  No worries, the puppies have no access to that area.

Ten minutes later ..... OH YEAH!!!  They found it!  Eat up my little friends!!  Merry Christmas!

 They sent out signals telling all their OTHER little friends about the mountain of food.  In no time, it was literally covered.  I could see them hauling their ill gotten treasure off.  I took one last look before hitting my bed last night and there were SO many ants, all looking like they were dead. 

HY--YAH!!!!!  Take that my little ant friends.  This morning there wasn't an ant in sight and half the Amdro is gone.  I'm sure they thought Thanksgiving had come early.  Unfortunately for me, I now have a huge mess of ant spray and ant killer to clean up in my kitchen.  

I admit, I celebrated this morning with a little coffee and a LOT of whipped cream.  I savored every minute of it, along with my VICTORY over the ants .... this time anyway.

 Am I going to make more marshmallows?  Silly question ... NO!!!  I've decided some of that soft peanut brittle will be my next challenge.  I may even leave some of it out on the counter, just to be sure there are no more ant friends with their relatives coming to visit.



  1. Love the gi-ANTS coffee cup
    I spotted this this morning ..... For your electronics needs Keep in mind you have black ANTS Friday and cyber ANTS Monday Eeven so they’re not going to open up with a mad rush ( Like on your countertop )like they did before they’re still going to have deals periodicall Actually starting last week ...You may be able to order online but I’m not sure
    If it’s something in the apple orchard that you want some of the big box stores will probably have some good deals
    Sent from The ant farm

    1. I thought the cup was fitting ... at least ONE problem is down. Black Friday already? I think even Costco carries them.

  2. That Amdro is something else. A few times a year I sprinkle it around the outside of the condo JUST to keep ants away. Four years ago we had them inside under the kitchen cabinets which is when I started doing this. My first thought was ANT KILLER, then I remember what a County Extension Expert told our Rotary Club (in Arkansas the County Extension Expert is like the Agri-expert for gardens, trees, bushes, etc.) about how to get RID of ants, not just KILL ants....and Amdro was the answer. Yep, it worked like a charm.

    1. So far so good! I may have to order a dozen containers. This area is built on ant hills.

  3. Ants can smell Sugar of any kind a mile away. So if you leave nothing sweet on the Counters you will not be inviting them in.
    When it Rains around here it forces the Skunks out of their burrows so the spray at the rising waters.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the cooler temps.

    It's about time.

    1. Oh great ... more skunks. I'm thinking electric fence.