Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Yup ... It's Magic Kingdom Time!!

Well ..... here I am back in sunny California after that traumatic trip through the snow, only to be inundated with RAIN.  I'll take rain over snow any day!!

I got absolutely no sleep, so I celebrated the morning by cleaning the house.  I just can't figure out where all this dust and dirt comes from.  I have a huge vacuum cleaner that sucked up so much stuff I had to empty it TWICE.  The worst part is I never even touched TWO rooms!!

Two and a half hours later I crashed on the couch with the puppies.  Three o'clock would come soon enough and I would head off to the Magic Kingdom of Elks.
SURPRISE!!!  There was hugs all around from the men because I made it back and they didn't have to help the cashier.  I had a nice glass of wine to celebrate.  I should have waited because the Castle Lawyer brought some homemade limoncello for everyone to taste.

Oh my Great Aunt Mae!!!  Being a lightweight, I only got half a shot.  It was enough to bring major fire to my stomach.  My goodness that was strong!!  Mighty tasty though!!

Too bad someone opened the door early before I could really enjoy it.  There is a thing called hot ball.  You pay $1 for each one (there are two at present) and get your hand stamped.  Once a number is picked and posted, if you win Bingo with that number, you win BOTH pots.  Each one is at it's highest $1,199.  That brought in loads of peasants we don't normally see.

It also brought in a fight!  The early-in people took up the spots the regulars normally sit.  It's all about the lucky chair at the lucky table.  When you're in MY seat met up with #$%#% YOU, the fight was on!!  Now I have to explain to one of the Knights just WHY we cannot open those doors early.  I think with that metal helmet on, he's not getting the message.

It was non stop selling and counting change for two solid hours before we got a break.  There was the usual "you didn't give me the right change" to "you only gave me three cards when I paid for four".  It's difficult to be nice to the peasants when you KNOW they are trying to cheat you.  I count change out twice and double check the receipt before handing it to them.  Tempers flare when there's lots of money to be had.

Surely it's a full moon, but I can't tell due to the cloud cover.  Another shot of limoncello might have been nice, but alas, it was all gone.  The Knights smelled of lemons!!

There were 140 peasants present, who collected a total of $7,700.  Twenty two went home happy.  I spent an hour counting up all the dimes and pennies, balancing to the dollar.  Those pennies never work out right.

Today will be a day of dumping.  With all that snow, I wanted to be as heavy as possible, so I not only never dumped any tanks, I kept filling up the water tank so I would be even heavier.  Today is the day to lighten the load.


  1. Right back into it, eh? Glad you got through the snow okay. I've some reading to catch up on.
    Things seem to stay the same at the Magic Kingdom but I love that you got a welcome back for whatever reason. Nice to be needed.
    That is a lot of money so no wonder people get ansy when 'their' chair is taken. LOL
    Your coach will be happy to be a lightweight again, heck, wouldn't we all!! haha Enjoy the day!

    1. I suppose that's why I keep hanging in with Bingo. They actually appreciate their volunteers!!

  2. Nice to get back into the groove again fighting with the peasants. The wine and especially the limoncello would be treat and help you make it through the night.

    1. That was my first try of limoncello. What a shock!! A tasty one!

  3. Your blog is always so entertaining. The fighting part...I know that really happens. My sister bowls 3 times a week in a senior league. Sometimes the police have to be called to break up fights. And these are "seniors"! Be careful. Maybe wear some armor? LOL

    1. Why thank you Elva!! It's true about those seniors ... we have had to escort several out of the building!