Tuesday, May 7, 2019

A Big Balancing Act

Sometimes it makes you wonder.  Here's a quick image I snapped at the Ely RV Park.  If you look very closely, ALL of his wheels are off the ground.  Check out the jack behind the rear tires.  It's not an optical illusion, it really is at that angle.  To make matters worse, there is a car dolly attached to the rig with a car strapped down.  I have no idea why they aren't rolling off down the hill!!  What a balancing act that is!
Before we left, we got rained on a little.  This was on the way to dinner at the All Aboard Cafe next to the depot in East Ely.  There was a little problem in the old days over who was going to govern this town, so in true old west fashion, they split it in two and called this section East Ely.  The entire county has only about 10,000 people.
The next morning I was off early.  I forced myself to sit on the couch for an hour before getting so nervous I had to leave.  About an hour out of town, I discovered a split in the road and didn't know which way to go.  The road looked very unused ... off-road like.  

I pulled over, mostly to let the two rigs behind me go ahead because I knew they were faster.  They passed me going straight as an arrow.  WAIT!!  I thought that was the wrong way!!!  Like a baby duck following mama, I stayed right behind them.  The road was fabulous and we made Wendover in no time.

My how you have changed, Wendover.  You used to be a couple of gas stations and an old restaurant. I remember sleeping in the pickup truck in the gas station parking lot while on a cattle buying trip.  I don't think there was even a hotel in town!!

Somehow I lost everyone, so I continued to follow my GPS across the great salt flats.  This place fascinates me.
As I got closer to Salt Lake City, it all turned to water.  What a balancing act this must be, keeping the road intact through all this mess.  It is fascinating to see the tracks of truck drivers that have fallen asleep and ended up in the salt.
I am not a fan of big city driving.  Not only did I have the highways written down, but TWO GPS units to be sure I got to the right place.  Getting lost is not an option.  Of course they both wanted me to go different directions!!

At long last I arrived at the Century RV Park in Ogden.  I even had the perfect parking spot, except for the lovely shade trees that blocked my satellite dish.  
I learned a really good lesson in Ely.  John Painter had a ladder out the minute we arrived.   Hey John ... want to wash mine?  No, but he loaned me his ladder.  The bugs came off by simply using a wet washcloth.  How cool was that?  

So here we are in Ogden with bug covered glass.  We all grabbed our ladders and again, the bugs just slid right off.  I'm going to remember THAT trick.  I'm usually trying to scrape them off two months down the road!!
That evening we took appetizers to the closest (and only) Elk's Lodge, aptly named the Golden Spike Elks.  We were greeted like long lost family.
Using their kitchen, the men whipped up two different soups and a pile of garlic bread (totally not on my diet).  I confess, I ate TWO pieces of bread.  BAD Nancy!!
The next morning, I decided I needed a day or two alone to get caught up on STUFF. I got a late checkout, closed up the rig and headed off to our next stop, the KOA in Brigham City.

Talk about a sweet spot!!  I had asked for a satellite site, since TV is the only way to keep my dogs from barking while I'm gone to the Promontory festivities.  Too bad for me when I parked the first time, I got nothing.  That big telephone pole was right in the way.  

Tom Westerfield came to my rescue.  We unhooked everything and he directed me back, placing wooden blocks under the back wheels.  These sites are brand new and very low in the back.  I didn't want a balancing act like the first image.  When it was all said and done VOILA!!!  I had satellite!!!
I relaxed the rest of the day ... well actually I cooked dog food, cooked a casserole for me and caught up on my checkbook.  Amazingly, I didn't burn a single thing and I wasn't overdrawn!!

Today I'm going for more food at Walmart, a quick walk around Brigham City and of course ... you guessed it ..... I found a quilt shop!!!


  1. Not a good idea to park you rv with the wheel off the ground at all. Yet have seen that a few times.
    You have moved down the road agin and getting things taken care of, TV working and no burn cooking way to go.

    1. So far so good with the food! LOL Mostly I'm eating out .....

  2. Some people just don't get the concept of finding a more level place to park or putting blocks under their wheels.
    Glad you are Safely Enjoying your adventure.

    It's about time.

    1. Isn't that funny? You would think they would look at others and take a hint. I just think that's dangerous!

  3. We too have driven through the salt flats and wondered about the tracks leaving the highway and into the flats. Some are able to make it back on the road while others obviously needed assistance. I bet that was quite the ride!

    1. Not something I would like to duplicate, that's for sure!