Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Magic Kingdom Rides Again

I'm SO happy to be over the latest sick craze.  I never was one to follow the pack.  This time it was a big surprise, because in exactly nine days it was gone and I didn't end up at the emergency room!!

That meant I could once again travel to the Magic Kingdom for fun and games.  We solved the world's problems at our own private Bingo happy hour and helped Apache Frank have a good time.  He's the 98 year old that fell and broke his leg.  He walked up the stairs completely on his own.  He must be one tough old bird, because the doctor said he didn't know how he could possibly even walk at this point in his recovery.
Downstairs, I set up for the onslaught and grabbed a coke to get me through the night.  Immediately, the infernal machine threw up and refused to work.  I changed it's paper roll and we were off for about fifteen minutes when it happened again.

I know there is a way to stop that, but it would take WAY too many brain cells and probably an hour in a quiet room to figure out the programming.

All of a sudden in comes one of our regular players with a HUGE kitchen cart full of pans of something covered in foil.  I knew what was coming.  Lots of indigestion and stomach woes.  This nice lady had made 150 cupcakes for the entire building.  What a sweetheart!

They were smothered in frosting with a swirl of dark, chocolate I assume, then covered with M&M's. You KNOW how I am with sweets ..... however ..... many moons ago I had a cupcake someone baked at home, and I truly regretted every single bite.  You can imagine why, right?  I was sick for two days.

Ever since, I've made it a rule, never to eat ANYTHING from someone's kitchen when I have never been to their house.  I wish my resolve to not eat was always this good!!  Not a single crumb touched my lips.

I felt bad ... it might have been better to take one and just drop it in the nearest trash can.  Instead, when she came back for the third time, I told a little white lie and said I already ate one.  They were DELICIOUS!!

Over the next few hours, we had the usual "I didn't get my red ticket for the drawing" folks (because they left the register before I could hand it out), the "you didn't give me enough cards" lady (always the same one) and a new one ..... I left my dobber in the back room and when I went to retrieve it, it was GONE!!!

No kidding!!  If you drop your ticket, or a card, or leave anything anywhere even for a few seconds, I guarantee it will disappear.  They literally walk around the room looking for the right opportunity to steal something.  WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE!  You have to expect that kind of activity when you  are around a Bingo crowd.

The night was long and there were multiple yawns over the last two hours.  The infernal machine felt better and was nice enough to balance to the penny.  I've said it before and I'll say it again .. if it weren't for the nice Knights of the Round Table that work here, I wouldn't be doing this, not to mention there are a couple of really handsome ones to boot!!

I'm hoping to slip in a power nap this afternoon before heading off to Merced College for the photography class portfolio critiques.  You never know .... we may just motivate the next Rembrandt of photography.  Plus, it's always a great time with my photo peeps!!


  1. Glad you are all better now and made it through another interesting night at the Magic Kingdom.

    1. If nothing else, the Kingdom is always surprising!!

  2. When I lived in Arkansas, I ALWAYS worried when they had a potluck after church....

    1. Right? You just never know what your stomach is going to say.

  3. Always enjoy reading about your Magic Kingdom adventures.
    I was a supervisor at a market research company and for this one job they bought us head phones. I had mine connected to my computer and my name was on them. When they disappeared I just walked around until I found them and the woman still insisted she had not taken my was a fun moment. Some

    1. Human nature can sure be interesting. Catch them and they still say they didn't do it. Yup ... same at the Kingdom!!