Thursday, December 6, 2018

One More For The Books

I got a few more good marks behind my name yesterday to help combat all those bad things I did when I was a kid.  First off, I have to say I'm feeling really good.  Of course I've been better, but all the recommendations I've tried have done their job.

Yesterday was "cooking for senior's" day at the Lodge kitchen, with this being a small part of the results.  These are huge turkey breasts, prepared and roasted by one of only two who know what they are doing.  The rest of us just hang around and look pretty.
With only three hours to go, we whipped up potatoes, dressing, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, gravy and rolls to feed 100 people at the Senior Living Facility.  

As always, there was lots of discussion about how much water, how many bags to fix and how long to cook things.  That's what happens when there are eight Indian Chiefs in the kitchen.  It meant food went in the ovens sooner than it should have and was done 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

We loaded it all into the back of my truck (the seats fold down) and into Chairman Len's SUV.  Luckily, the gravy went in HIS car.  
We arrived 30 minutes early, which caused some distress to the party hostess who insisted we wait until 5:00.  It's getting cold folks .... let's get this show on the road!

At long last, let the serving begin!  This time the quiet group of Boy Scouts showed up to help serve about 60 people inside the building, before eating themselves.  Note to the Chairman ..... make the kids eat LAST so we don't run out of food.  

For those that cannot come to the table, there were order forms for take-out boxes.  I made up 35 of those, which the Boy Scouts delivered.  Unfortunately we ran out of potatoes with three orders left to fill.    Everything else came out perfectly, a FIRST!!  

This is the Bingo dirty thirty, whittled down to the five people on the right.  These guys are the best and never fail to show up and help.
I hauled people and dirty silverware back to the lodge and cleaned up the kitchen, then helped put away eight HUGE boxes of ribs for tonight's dinner.  All of that only because somewhere in the walk-in freezer was a box of two turkeys with my name on it.  

I've been trying to tack on my two to the order for three years.  These turkeys are SO good!!  In the not to distant future, you will probably see one here, cooked to perfection.  Well, ALMOST to perfection.  

In spite of feeling better, I'm going to spend one or two more boring days on the couch watching the ever popular Christmas movies (the alternative is Murder Next Door or Evil Lives Here) where the plot never fails.  Guy meets girl, they get along great, guy has fight with girl over "something", one of them figures out how wrong they were and they live happily ever after in a cute little town of 500 people while it snows.  

I guess I better find a tiny little town to move to, or I will never meet my soon-to-be-king Prince Charming, my soul mate, or the love of my life or ............ yeah you know what I mean!!  


  1. Great job, Nancy. A wonderful event for the Seniors.Nice to see the Boy scouts helping like that.
    As to your Christmas movie reference........apparently you have to move back to your childhood home and help with a Christmas pageant or something like that. Oh, and you have a reason not to love Christmas but fall in love all over again picking out your tree with 'the special' guy. :)

    1. I can tell you watch the same movies, Patsy! Hahaha Your movie themes are right on!!

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better. What a nice thing to do for the Seniors and a good thing for Boy Scouts to help out with.
    I have never been much of a TV person so not having cable or a dish does not bother me except I do miss those Halmark Christmas movies...sappy as they

    1. My television has become my boyfriend Deb. It keeps me company most all day long, doesn't talk back and never complains! lol

  3. Fudge came out great 👌I nuked it for 2 1/2 mins,,,,, sorry I'm lazy

    1. Oh you tried it!!! Great job on nuking ..... probably even better than on the stove.