Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Motivation Lost

Sometimes I just can't seem to get motivated.  Ever since I returned from Arizona, I haven't hit the sewing machine, not once.  October was all about the Pumpkin Patch and there was no time.  Then I seemed to be stuck in a rut on the couch.  Motivation has always been my slow suit.

Being sick didn't help, but once you're in that mode, it's definitely hard to hit the switch and get in gear again.  Maybe it's my age.  At any rate, I'm happy to say I am finally out of neutral and in first gear, even though there was a lot of grinding noises in between.  Sewing is back on the schedule.
The quilter finished this one a coupe of days ago.  Sewing the binding on the edge is one of my favorite things to do, mostly because I can do it sitting on the couch.  There's that motivation thing again!!  This one is done and I love it!!  Now to decide if it's going to Arizona or to my bed in the rig.
Of course I'm always motivated by food, especially when the Elks Lodge is having Contractor night.  Those guys can cook, as evidenced by this magnificent meal.  Lucky for me, the Bingo Crew always buys me dinner.  At $15, this was a steal.  I even took home an entire rack for $10.  You can't beat THAT with a stick!!!
In other good news, I fired the gardeners.  I sent them a nice letter stating all the things wrong, like cut electrical wires and drip lines, putting all the clippings in my TRASH can, which I had to empty to the GREEN can, the untimely death of many plants and just generally doing a bad job.

I should have mailed it three days later.  They got it just in time to refuse to mow my lawns on the last week of the month.  

The bad news is it's going to cost me $30 a month MORE to have a new crew.  They came the first week of December and did a great job, considering there were six foot tall piles of leaves from the trees.  We shall see how it goes.

In an effort to keep motivated and moving, I decided to fix breakfast for the RV Rally attendees in January.  Along with those cinnamon rolls I made (and I need to make one more batch) will be Hawaiian banana nut bread, bagels (at least I don't have to bake those) and possibly quiche.  I need to do a test run on that one.  

I baked these two yesterday and stashed them in the freezer.  Lets all say a little prayer that they are done in the middle.  
It's Magic Kingdom day ..... YAY!!!     or not.    At least I'm feeling almost back to normal.  Just a little sniffle now and then.  Today I'm going to try and slip the clutch and slide into second gear!!


  1. Nice that you are getting your mojo back again and feeling much better.
    Oh my that meal looks wonderful.
    Now you have fun at the Magic Kingdom.

  2. Sounds like the Engine is running and you are on the road to recovery.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. This time it only took a week ... my normal sick range is about month!

  3. $30 is a cheap price to pay if you factory in your drip irrigation your electric lines and your trash bin. if you get a better yard crew ?
    Or you could go out and spent $7000 + and get a riding lawn mower and $250 for a Weedwhacker $200 for an edge trimmer $300 for a leaf blower
    And for the summertime we can Forget going to the Pacific Northwest or the Arizona desert
    30$ 👍 I thought so

    1. Your math is perfect Ed, although those riding lawn mowers are pretty fun!!

  4. That's a beautiful quilt. I love the colors you chose. You do nice work!

    1. Thank you Allison. I really appreciate that because I think I'm not so good at picking colors. I must be getting better!!!