Wednesday, December 5, 2018

If It Could, It DID ...

Same old, same old.  I spent most of the day on the couch trying not to cough until it was time to head on out to the Magic Kingdom.  I skipped the happy hour and really didn't feel that bad as I walked down the steps to the dungeon with a wool scarf wrapped completely around my face.

You know the old saying, if it could happen, it will .... and it DID.  Right off the bat, the tables and chairs were not set up.  Apparently some other function ran VERY late.  I ignored it and traveled on to my station.  It was set-up time and I knew I would be doing that alone.
The first moment of panic .... the infernal machine was sitting on the floor, when it SHOULD have been sitting on top of six huge boxes of bingo cards.  That means we are OUT of lucky cards that win people money.  Hmmmm me thinks there is a new "order" person.  Hopefully we can skinny by.

I continued set up and counted out the cash box.  At least THIS time it was correct, whereas LAST time it was short ... the perfect way to start the evening.  About that time, the purveyor of all things sick and flu-like who gave me this lovely infliction, came and sat down next to me.

I frantically looked for my regular helper, who was nowhere in sight.  I hugged the wall, staying as far away as possible.  The evening began with a crazy credit card cancellation.  I forgot to check that ONE card.  We only allow debit cards ... NO credit card gambling here.

The mini me machine usually tells me what's going on, but this time it coughed (something like me) and didn't spit out the paperwork.  I've no idea whether it went through or not.  RATS!!

Then there was the lady who said I didn't give her the correct change ... and the one who lost her red ticket under the table, saying I didn't give it to her ... and the one who said she only got two cards instead of the three she paid for.  You got it ... if it could go wrong, it DID.

Even though I knew better than to leave those two in charge of the infernal machine, I said the heck with it and wandered off to the Henchman's Rack in back.  Time to torture and panic the new "order" girl.

If she didn't find the paperwork and call in for stock, there would be no Bingo next week.  Little did she know when she volunteered, this is a chamber of horrors!!  Not really, it's just that no one explains what you are supposed to do.  She had this blank stare as I showed her what to order.

That's when I practiced my disappearing act and slipped out the back door.  I was back on the couch by 7:00!!  Too bad I can't stay there today!

The Elks (really just four of us) are cooking a full Christmas dinner for the Senior Living Facility in town.  The whole shebang .... turkey, dressing, potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, green been casserole, not to mention pies for dessert.  I can't beg out of this one, but I'm going to do all my cooking from a chair.

By the way .... I found the perfect solution for those terrible biscuits.  Believe it or not, they made great bread for a turkey sandwich!  They are the perfect size, don't fall apart and if you add enough mayo and cranberry sauce, they taste pretty good.  I snatched them from the cemetery staging area and put them in the freezer.  Waste not, want not!!


  1. Nancy Nancy Nancy, you should have stayed home. You need to look after 'you' first. The world will turn without your working for a couple of days. Feel better soon!

    1. I'm actually feeling VERY well, which is good, because I did it again! Ha!

  2. Nice that you did sneak out the back and home in the couch again. get better real quick.

    1. Yes it was ... and I think I just might do that more often! lol

  3. Hope the Elks appreciate your dedication.
    Your saying sounds like Murphy's Rule.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. The good thing is they DO appreciate all the work, which isn't so in many volunteer situations.