Thursday, December 13, 2018

Confirming Amazon Confirmations

Everyone recognizes this little smile, right?  It's's latest and greatest advertisement.  Unfortunately, just like with every other company out there, scammers have copied not only their logo but wording from some of the emails they themselves have received.  BE VERY AWARE and don't let these guys take you for a ride into the nether regions of the world.
It's so frustrating to be bothered by these rats disguising themselves as Amazon.  If you don't pay very close attention, they will take a whirlwind trip through your bank account, or at the very least, cause nasty critters to set up shop in your computer.

I received an email from "Amazon" yesterday asking me to confirm a sale.  Apparently I had purchased a $250 gift card for Jemy Lovato.  If that name sounds familiar, it's really Demi Lovato, a singer, songwriter and actress.  She played on the kids show Barney and Friends, so I'm not sure that qualifies as ACTRESS.  I'm also not sure if the rats just can't spell or what.

Anyway, it asked me to confirm the purchase before the card was sent out.  It also said that in "some emergency cases" the card could be cancelled instantly if this was a fraudulent purchase.  DO NOT .... I repeat DO NOT click on anything.  Close the email and delete it.  

Funny thing, when I looked closely, the date of purchase was in August 2018.  Why did they wait so long to contact me?  That was a big red flag.

Almost immediately I received ANOTHER email from Amazon notifying me that my credit card purchase had been rejected and they needed clarification so my purchase would not be delayed.  It happens that I had just ordered two items from Amazon.  

Here's the thing dummy scammers .... when you click the ORDER button, if your credit card is not accepted, it immediately tells you to enter another card number.  Your order will never even be placed if the card is not verified immediately.  So you send an email to tell me it didn't go through?  I think not you stinking creepy examples of humans, trying to steal other people's hard earned money!!

So beware my friends .. there should be no confirming Amazon Confirmations, or verifying credit card numbers from an email .... EVER!!  Always be wary!!

Here's my thought for the day.  It pretty much describes my daily existence to a tee.  Never in a million years did I ever think I would be an adult, let alone an OLD adult!!!  I guess I'm there.
I've tried a couple more challenging recipes, at least one with good results.  So good I ate it with a spoon, which is code for it was sugary sweet.  You know, craving foods I know I shouldn't eat.  I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Hmmm I wonder how I got that big bruise on my arm??


  1. The scammers are out there everywhere. so you must always be very careful.
    The getting old is sure true, forgetting things, bruising and bleeding from cuts that I did not know how they got there.

    1. I guess there is always the bad that comes with the good!! Nowadays it's not just the local hoodlums, the scammers are from around the world!

  2. Yes there are scammers fake invoices from every company you could think of ,
    Here's a little trick to figure out if a genuine scam .
    Which more than likely they're probably would be.
    Go to the very bottom of The page in question .
    You should see something identical to this
    Tech-support / shipping policy / return contact / privacy policy /my account /
    order status!
    Click on any one of those icons and you'll be guaranteed NOT to go to any website they're basically turned blue
    Because what you've received, is a scanned fake invoice
    Those icons only work in a genuine company email
    The only thing that will work is the part where they want you to click on
    (Dispute this bill )that is actually a link to their fake website to get your information
    I probably get at least three a week
    You can click on it , bu t it doesn't give them any information unless you physically put it in there and that's a no no
    Unless you want to have fun I dream of 16 numbers as somebody's fake address
    Then watch them go bananas...

    1. I didn't know that. Good info. I never actually open the email, just gather info from what shows in my mailbox. I hate those guys!!

  3. It is scary how many scammers there are out there. I made note of the information Mister ed mentioned above. Good to know.
    The getting older stuff is true but it is better than not...were do the bruises come from?

    1. Occasional I hear myself say "that's going to make a bruise", but for the most part, they just appear out of nowhere!!

  4. Seems I can't even put our new lift-recliner together without bruising my knuckle...will this ever end? lol

    1. Yup ... that's definitely how it goes Dave. Maybe when we were younger we were more adept! lol Unfortunately I think it only gets worse!!

  5. Sure enough....I've gotten 2 of these emails this week. I knew better but great to see your blog warning others.

    1. They seem so real I have to double and triple check before I click on anything!!