Friday, March 18, 2016

A Day Of Leprechauns!!

Although I planned on cooking this beautiful piece of corned beef for dinner, it didn't happen.  That may have been the luck of the Irish for me.  I'd have to dig a pretty big hole for this one if it didn't turn out.  As it DID turn out, a friend from Sacramento called to say she would stop for a visit around dinner time ... and she was buying!
So I stuck the beef back in the fridge and commenced to make a little more headway on the stale smelling house.  It dawned on me that I have been changing my air filters at every daylight savings time change ... a good way to remember to get it done ... and I was behind in that endeavor.  

It takes my tallest ladder and I have to stand on the next to the top step to get this one done.  It was my exercise for the day, as each of three filters takes at least three trips, unless you want to drop them on the floor, then have to drag out the vacuum.  All three were pretty dirty, so I turned on the air and let it run for thirty minutes, hoping to clean everything out.  

Between changing the filters and baking some pumpkin bread, the house smells considerably nicer.  I know what happened ... I got in too much of a rush to leave and didn't cover every sink drain.  I also found a leaky bathtub faucet in one bathroom, so I see a new faucet and a new challenge in my future.
With that done, I sat on the couch with the puppies and watched a marathon of really, and I mean REALLY bad Leprechaun movies on the SyFy channel.  I LOVE horrible B-grade SyFy movies, and these were some of the best, with some surprisingly well known actors in them.  They must have really needed the money that day.

As I put away my now clean laundry from two more loads of wash, I decided to thin out the closet a little.  These will all go to a local charity, along with lots of bedding I no longer need.  
A couple more movies under my belt and I did some preliminary trip planning for a Golden Spike rally in Eastern Oregon where we will ride some stream trains.  A few years ago, the Chance family and I rode the Stump Dodger logging train in Sumpter, with me getting to ride in the cab and operate the controls.  I'm going to give Dan all my moves so he can sweet talk the Engineer into letting him do the same!!  

Dinner wasn't quite as good as corned beef ... Colonel Sanders cooked some chicken and threw together a decent cole slaw, along with a drink, biscuit and cookie for $5.00 which my friend delivered at 5:00.  After a short visit, she took off for Sacramento.

By 7:00 I was down at the Elks Lodge for an 8:00 meeting.  I should have gone a little earlier.  They had a corned beef and cabbage dinner that was amazing!!  Gosh, I hope I can cook mine half as good.  A couple of the Bingo guys gave me a taste before it was all gone.  Next year you will find me THERE!!  

It was then that I discovered I'll have to wait yet ANOTHER day to cook my corned beef, as tonight is the annual charity auction for LOVE Inc, an organization that will help anyone in need.  Not only that, but they give people the tools to live a better life ... like job training, how to handle money and a checkbook, how to help other people ... it's a great organization that has very good success in this area.  

Besides that, they get the BEST donations, which they auction off to raise money to continue their cause.  Our Elks Bingo proceeds buy three tables and we all provide lots of money for bidding, including at least $300 for the dessert auction!!  AND we get a wonderful dinner prepared by a catering service which donates everything for around 250 people.  It will be a fun night.  I just need to find my checkbook!!


  1. A while back I joked about you buying a house in Oregon and one in Arizona. That's partly because you can't seem to make up your mind. The other day it occurred to me that maybe you should investigate a seasonal lot rental in both locations, or a park model. It would eliminate the need to make a decision between the two. It might not be that unreasonable from a financial standpoint. I know you know how to crunch the numbers. You just have to make sure that each of them had a quilting room so you don't need to build an addition. Just trying to give you alternatives to consider. Jim M

    1. Actually, that was my first thought Jim ... just get a little place to park in each State. In the end however, I still really want a stick built without neighbors 20 feet away, where I can stay all winter, traveling all summer. The thing making it more difficult, is I live in my dream house .. it's just in a terrible location! That's hard to replace, but I'll keep looking!!

  2. Wow thay give out checkbooks COOL my kind of place sign me up ASAP

    1. Hahaha ... no, they teach them how to budget and write checks, silly!! Funny how so many people don't know how to do that nowadays!!

  3. Why would anyone keep a paper checkbook today
    Had a checking acc, for 30 years but never got any checks to use
    why ?? CASH or CARD now I love my debit card check deposit and online banking pay pal visa AA master card why??? freq, flyer MILES and cash back payment to name some
    No need for paper

    1. Good question ... but for people who don't even know what a budget is, learning to write checks (house payment, PG&E, phone) helps them SEE it on paper. It really should be taught in high school, but it's not. Once they get that part down, they move on to debit cards.