Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Ominous Magic Kingdom!!

That's funny, I've never seen THIS version of the castle at Disneyland, but that's not where I went anyway!!  MY Magic Kingdom where the King rules, the Court Jestor makes us laugh and the Castle Lawyer keeps everyone in line, is located in beautiful downtown Merced California.
The funny smell in my house in finally abated ... not totally, but it greatly improved.  I spent the better part of the morning cleaning the bottom of my oven.  It has a self-cleaning mode, but my labor is MUCH cheaper than an hour of electricity at 500 degrees!!

I found something interesting in the bottom .... what looked like magnets.  Then I found a piece of metal.  Something went ding in the back of my head when I remembered the magnetic bar I was going to glue to a name tag.  It disappeared some time ago.  Apparently it got stuck to something I put in the oven ... most likely a cookie sheet.  How weird is that?  Unfortunately, it's no longer viable.  It came out in four pieces.

It was about then that I realized I really didn't have to wash all my dishes by hand as I used them (like in my RV) ... I could actually put them in the dishwasher.  Funny how easily you forget those things when you're on the road.

I began gearing up for the Magic Kingdom ride about 2:00.  It takes a little time to mentally prepare for the 4:30 onslaught of mankind.  I love it when I walk in and everyone says welcome back and gives you big hugs ... especially the Castle Lawyer who has been handling the infernal machine all by her lonesome the entire time.  From all accounts, she did a fabulous job!!

Surprise surprise!!  Everything went VERY smoothly as I remembered to plug in the debit card machine and how to make payouts, a complicated set of button pushing to open the cash drawer.  I was welcomed back by many of the regulars, although sadly, some have gone permanently missing, along with many newcomers crazy excited about winning MONEY!!

When you've been gone for awhile, some of the old peasants try their best to scam you again, usually followed by the new "younger" peasants trying the same games.  Nothing!!  Not a single scam came to the table last night.  That was a shock to my system!

Everything went swimmingly without incident ....... almost!!  There are some cranky peasants, then there are CRANKY peasants.  She was SO cranky she was funny, as she cussed us out up one side and down the other because we couldn't understand her broken English.  Funny how we definitely understood THOSE words!!

As we paid out well over $5,000 and counted the nights proceeds, it was good to know it's all going to charity.  Nineteen volunteers helped us out last night, I think that's a record.  On the other hand, many players were down to their last dollar as they paid us for bingo cards with handfuls of change.  It's always interesting to say the least.

I've got appointments the rest of this week ... catching up on teeth, eyes, blood and all that good stuff.  Since that's not all that interesting, I'll try to do something a little more exciting to write about!!


  1. I think the peasants are in awe of the politicians who are scamming everyone the peasants are backing off and just sitting back taking notes from the experts.

    1. That could very well be .... or they know from past experience that the experts will allow only so much nonsense!! LOL