Thursday, March 17, 2016

Get A Little Green On!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!  These guys are celebrating in style by getting THEIR green on.  Interesting guy, Saint Patrick.  Turns out he wasn't really Irish at all, he was from Great Britain, kidnapped as a child and forced to shepherd animals in Ireland.  When he finally escaped and returned home, he became a cleric.

Later, returning to Ireland, he eventually was named a Bishop.  Turns out green wasn't even his favorite color .... St Patrick's BLUE was his choice, but the green fields of Ireland won out.  He didn't really banish snakes from Ireland either because there weren't any in the first place.  Nonetheless, it's a great day for a celebration of the Irish Green and your Irish heritage.
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Although I had planned to cook some corned beef and cabbage today, the cabbage didn't get into my shopping cart.  That probably was some kind of Freudian oversight, since cooked cabbage isn't my favorite anyway.  I used to love corned beef as a kid ... but have no idea how to cook it.  I'm hoping I can crockpot it!!

When I left in December last year, the Elks lodge wasn't sure if they needed a Trustee or not.  Guessing NOT, I forgot all about it until arriving at the Magic Kingdom Tuesday, when the next thing after "hello" was "you're the new Trustee".  The first meeting on the schedule is tonight, after THEIR corned beef and cabbage dinner.  Looks like I'll still be celebrating this weekend when I get a chance to cook mine.

Yesterday, having all of the ingredients in my kitchen for a reader-recommended dinner, I decided to cook Linda Sands chicken.  LOOKIE HERE!!!  I remembered the liner!!  Actually, the last time I forgot, I put the box IN the pot where it will live from now on.  
Taking it OUT of the pot was easy peasy ... getting it INTO the bowl and not all over the countertop, didn't work out so well.  In the end however, this chicken, diced tomato, black olive and mushroom dish was downright yummy over rice.  Thank you Linda for a quick and easy dinner that I couldn't mess up!  Next up, salsa from Mister Ed!!
In between more cleaning, several more trips to the RV and pot watching, I sewed a few more squares.  Obviously, there's one that won't be in the final version.  Can you guess which one?  I'll have to come up with some different fabric for THAT bottom left square.
My gardeners are coming today so I have to get my act together.  There's a huge pile of limbs in MY back yard, having fallen off the neighbor's tree.  I suppose "I" have to pay to have it all removed.  My yard looks GREAT however.  They've been doing a good job and it's green as can be, due to all the rain.  

One BAD thing about this water though ... every time you step outside, all you can smell is MOLD. Hopefully the sun will come out today and dry things out a little before the next big rain.  


  1. Glad you liked the chicken. To get it into the bowl we sit the bag on the counter next to the bowl. Stuff as much of the top of the bag into the bowl as we can. The lift a bottom corner with one hand while trying to keep the top in the bowl with the other hand. You start feeling like the court juggler. But, that's better than trying to pour into the bowl from the pot and having it splash everywhere, right?

    1. That's sort of what I did Linda ... a little more practice and I should have it down. LOVED the cleanup however!!

  2. I stay away from crockpots I tried to cook up a New England boiled dinner set it forget it went to work came back from work,, sat on my counter for 12 hours and the damn thing never cooked
    My solution to the whole story just plug it in,,,,,,,,needless to say Cracker Barrel has a great meal Without the cleanup
    If the trees droppings are from your next-door neighbors yard he's probably storing Tham on your side,,, and forgot tham,,, feel free to give them back and throw them over the fence
    I used to return my neighbors at 12 o'clock at night it worked for me

    1. Mmmmmm ... did you remember to plug it in? I always check mine to be sure it's heating before I put anything in it ... and if there was a Cracker Barrel around, I wouldn't even NEED a crockpot!! You read my mind about the tree mess!! ;-)