Saturday, March 26, 2016

Pockets Full Of Gold!!!

It's been said that a good veterinarian is worth their weight in gold.  I'm here to tell you that is true!!  Yesterday, I filled up the pockets of my Vet to the brim.  At the very least, I paid his electric bill for the next three months!!

I really can't complain, because this little guy is like my kid.  You'd do almost anything for your kids, right??  Cooper has a tendency towards bad teeth, so when it came time to have them cleaned, I went to the best Vet I'm acquainted with, which meant $$$$$$$$.

The initial estimate was a gut wrenching $560.  Unlike some vets who offer a low price, then add on things you might like to pay EXTRA for, like anesthesia and pain pills, this vet gives it all to you right up front.
I dropped him off at 8:30 am, then ran home and tried to stay occupied so I wouldn't worry.  I have friends whose pets never returned, so I was a nervous Nelly.  At 10:30 the phone range.  OH NO!!!  My worst fears did NOT come true, as they only needed approval for another $50 to remove two bad teeth.

By the way she said, his vaccinations are past due.  Okay .... add that on, and while you're at it, can I get a prescription for a different heart worm medication?  I quit giving him the old one because it made him sick every time.  No problem, right??
Finally a call that everything was fine and he was waking up nicely.  WHEW!!!  I was so relieved, all I could do was sit on the couch for the next five hours watching the clock.  

I finally raced out the door and drove to town.  Ten minutes later I was in shock when they gave me the bill.  I asked for some oxygen, but that would cost me more, so I just bit the bullet and tossed my credit card on the counter.  

$760 dollars later, enough for a CROWN in MY mouth, I carried my sleepy baby to the truck and we drove home.  Isn't that the craziest thing you ever heard??  MY teeth cleaning is $95.00!!!  Turns out the "other" heart worm meds cost $98 for six months, plus the test of course ....... of course!!  Not to mention the shots.

We weren't even in the door at home and Cooper was going crazy looking for his ball.  Although I rolled it around for him a couple of times, he really didn't feel good.  I finally got him to sleep in my lap on the couch. 

He's alive and well, so I'm a happy camper, even though I'll have to scrimp a little to pay the bill.  He's worth HIS weight in gold too, so what's a MOM to do!!

What about Miss Jessie you ask?  Well she ripped a big hole in her skin running through the rose bushes on the day I was taking my horses to a different Vet.  They had to put her out to stitch it up, so I asked them to clean her teeth at the same time.  $300 for the whole shebang!!  That Vet's pockets are lined with gold from the horses they treat!!!

I always wanted to be a Vet when I was a high school kid, but they wouldn't let females in the program.  I wasn't even allowed to take Ag classes at my local Junior college.  Maybe then I could have cleaned his teeth myself and MY pockets would be full of gold!!!  Hmmmm, but then I'd have to pay taxes!!!


  1. Replies
    1. I guess I would say they are worth it, but they are also the most expensive in town. i wouldn't want a cut rate doctor to do any surgery on me, least that's how I'm rationalizing it!! LOL

  2. Thought you said you were done complaining
    next time take El, fido down to
    LOS ALGODONES, MEXICO they have great dentist down there
    They can load him up with tequila to do anything they want
    Being unknown if Cooper is a happy drunk or a belligerent drunk just hang onto it ball for later on ( if he can't find it we know where you can get him some good eyeglasses cheap )And don't be surprised if he barks at you in Spanish
    It'll probably be a dialect you don't understand
    I hope somebody gota smooch and a pat on the rump going out the door for that price
    And you probably never did ask the vet if he's Single did you???

    1. Hahahaha ..... yes they DO have cheap dentists in Algodones, but I'd never go see one, even if they did have free tequila!! Interesting to note, Cooper hasn't barked in two days, actually a blessing!! I have to say the Vet is a real cutie ... a pat on the butt would have been nice, but alas, he's married!!