Monday, March 21, 2016

Cloudy With A Few Books

Clouds have been hanging out in California the last couple of days, making it a little cooler.  Highs in the 70's with lows in the 50's make for pretty nice days.  It won't last however.  Every year we get a false spring in March, then WHAM!!!  April gets cold, wet and nasty!
Although I waited for a beautiful sunset to photograph, it never happened.  The clouds were too thick and blocked out the sun completely.  
I spent the better part of yesterday going through my stash of cookbooks, some of which are on this bookcase.  Cooking used to be a big thing when I was a kid.  It was pretty much all the women did, besides laundry.  I have most of my grandmothers books, along with many from my mom, none of which help me in that endeavor.  
I do like to try however, so I've accumulated many books over the years.  Honestly, I could sit down and read a cookbook from cover to cover, just like any of Nick Russell's Big Lake Mystery Series, which by the way, if you haven't read, you should log on to and purchase one.  They are entertaining whodunnit's that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Yes, that is a Nu-Wave oven sitting there.  Have you ever tried to clean those things???  It's become a bookend.

Anyway, I weeded out several books I probably won't use, like 101 Casseroles, Wok Cooking (since I don't have a wok) and The Biggest Book of Canned Soup Recipes (it sounded good when I bought it).    Mostly in the "old days" they only had Betty Crocker to help out, along with a green card box full of recipes from the neighbors ... things like Geologists Delight and Chipped Beef.

I turned my green box into a photo album of oldies but goodies.  Unfortunately, most involve something that isn't on the grocery shelves any more, or requires some long two hour process.  I have come to a realization however .... it's not about getting dinner ready in a hurry ... a 30 minute wonder if you will.  It's about the process ... the fun of making that pizza dough three days before, the sauce two days before, then taking 90 minutes to put it all together with another 15 to bake it.  

I should be enjoying the PROCESS as much as the five minutes it takes me to eat the results and put everything away.  Maybe if I wasn't always in a hurry to eat, I wouldn't have to dig so many holes in the back yard.  I'm going to give it a shot!

Although it's supposed to rain today, I'm off to pick up Jonathan food and a couple of fat quarters to finish my square block quilt.  Then I'll look through those cookbooks and see what wonderful creation I can come up with!!


  1. When I worked in a public library, you would not even believe how many cook books we had donated, most of which would end up in the book sale by the Friends of the Library.

    1. Well .... it's like any book .. you don't know what's in it until you buy it. If there's only one or two recipes, it's not worth keeping. And of course it HAS to have pictures!!