Thursday, February 26, 2015

It Just Takes A Little Time!!

It just takes time to get everything done once you return from a trip.  A friend I play WORDS with remarked that she had SO much laundry to do, not to mention all the unpacking!!  I have to agree ... and as I told Miss Patty, I get to unload all of it myself!!  After three days of laundry, I put everything back in the rig and made the bed yesterday.  What an effort THAT was!!  It must have been someone that doesn't make the bed who designed THIS setup!!  No matter how deep the pockets are on those sheets, they always come off because you can't get them on in the first place!!  We need to invent something with a chain hoist to raise the head of the bed!!

It takes a little time to unload all the treasures also, mostly because I can't remember where I stashed all of them.  You wouldn't think there were that many hiding places in a motorhome!!  I unpacked and washed these three beauties for my kitchen.  All of the stores said their pottery is lead free, but I think I will figure out a way to test them before adding any food items.
It takes a little MORE time to unload all the doggie supplies.  I think THEY take up more room than I do!!  In the middle of that, I saw another article on Facebook about Beneful dog food.  I mix this with the MUCH more expensive food I give the puppies.  They don't care for the caviar and would rather eat the cheeseburgers.  The unfortunate news is they have found MANY dogs dying from eating this food.  Mine have gotten sick occasionally for no reason and now I'm scared.  I have an entire bag in my back room that will go in the trash.  There's just no sense in taking chances.  They said that Rachel Ray's brand isn't exactly the best nutritionally, but has nothing that will harm your pet.

It takes a little time getting that musty smell out of the house upon my return, so today when I hit the grocery store (I was too lazy to go yesterday), I'll pick up something delicious to bake.  Marie Calendars apple pies seem to work pretty good!!  I did find one lone piece of flank steak in the freezer, which I defrosted and marinated for dinner.  I even fired up the BBQ because I've been craving a little of the red, juicy goodness of cow.  That apparently takes a little MORE time and some skills, of which I have none!!  There's nothing like a big mouthful of burned fat from one end, followed by a big mouthful of uncooked fat from the other end to send me into a tailspin of coughing, followed by hiccups, requiring a gallon of water.  UGH!!!

Someone sent this to me yesterday, which I think won't take much time at all.  You can buy pre-stretched canvas squares at Michaels or Hobby Lobby, get some water soluble paint for your grandkids feeties and paint up a storm.  Be sure to place their right foot on the left to get the correct perspective.  How cute is this???  A great "mom and dad" present!!  Just be sure to wash their feet afterwards BEFORE they go running across your carpet!!  I think this project will make your grandkids squeal with delight!!
I'm still unloading "stuff" from the rig.  There's condiments in the fridge, lots of books and clothes yet to be washed!!  It just takes a little time to get it all done, because it's more fun to work on the quilts!!

I have two meetings today ... investment man and tax man!  It usually takes just a little time to get over the shock from unwanted information.  Wish me luck!!!


  1. I hava a Bichon I have been feeding him Signature. I think it's better than the Petco stuff.
    Jim M.

    1. Oh I love Bichons ... they are the cutest!! I'll check that out ... Jessie will eat anything, but Cooper is a cheeseburger fan and refuses to eat anything unless it contains some Beneful!! Thanks Jim!! I'll give it a try.