Monday, February 16, 2015

Clemenceau American Craft Fair And Flutes!

I just can't get enough of these Arizona sunrises.  Yesterday morning I just stood outside and watched until the sun came up and the clouds dissipated.  I froze at 38 degrees, but it was worth it!!
There was a big surprise awaiting at the Clemenceau Craft Fair I attended Saturday.  A chuck wagon was setting up and soon the biscuits were being rolled out.  My dad always cooked our biscuits in a dutch oven over pine cone coals.  Every piece of cookware here was cast iron ... even the small pot to melt the butter.  Who could resist this special treat!!  Everyone that drove by and saw the wagon, stopped for breakfast, including my friend here and his two horses.
For $5.00 we got two large biscuits smothered in sausage gravy.  I hate to say it, but that gravy was the best I've had in ages!!  Even though I already ate breakfast, I scarfed this down like there was no tomorrow!!  I could have had another serving, but didn't want to miss anything in the Heritage Museum/High School auditorium craft sale.
It was $1 to enter, the money going to the museum, and the building was packed by 9:30.  This nice lady was selling hand lotion and face creams guaranteed to make you look 20 years younger ... well maybe just 10 years younger.  All of her products are made with goat milk, coconut oil and essential oils.  I picked up one small bottle (it smells wonderful) and I'm sure that my hands now look 10 years younger!!
When you're around craft people, they don't like you taking pictures, for fear you are going to steal their ideas ... and they are probably right ... so I can't show you the great art items they had for sale, except what I purchased!!  There were these hummingbird magnets, quail Christmas ornaments, men's tie purses, some quilts, tons of placemats and hot pads, along with about 8 tables of jewelry.  Magnetic and copper bracelets are a BIG thing here in Arizona.
I was really interested in the stained glass work ... not just window hangings, but original pieces of art.  I decided to walk around the room first and I'm SO glad I did, because I found this gorgeously crafted gourd, done with a wood burning tool.  I have to admit it wasn't cheap.  In talking to the six foot tall Indian that crafted this, he related that it takes him 45+ hours to complete a small piece like this.  He took up this craft some time ago when he blew out his knee and couldn't work.  I paid his price ... didn't even TRY to talk him down.  He was very appreciative, as was his aging mother who took the cash!!
With my new treasures in hand, I stopped in at Montezuma Castle to see Harry Seavey, Indian flute player supreme.  He works with Odel Borg, who crafts the High Spirit flutes and is probably the best in the world.  Harry was playing Saturday at the site and had his CD "The Messenger" for sale.  By the time I thought to take his picture, he was headed off to lunch!!
Fortunately for me, at the same time, the National Park Service had a free pass day, PLUS 15% off anything in the store, including the flutes.  The only one I don't have is an A (they come in different pitches such as A, C, G, F# etc) ...  or should I say I didn't have ... but I do now!!  I found out Harry just moved to this area and gives lessons.  Guess I'll be coming back to stay a little longer next year!!  He had a very small box and a microphone that attaches to his flute.  I don't know what it's called, but I want one!!!  The music coming from that flute was beyond words.
The rest of the evening I spent reading a new book GERONIMO.  I'll let you know how that goes.  There were just so many different stories around here about what happened in the Indian Wars that I decided to gather all the information I could on the subject.  So far this book is a GREAT start!!

Today will be a relax day as I start packing up and hit the road again tomorrow.  I did find out that I COULD stay longer ... I can lease a site here for under $300 a month (including water, which I can run to my hearts content to green up the grass in my yard), build a deck 10 x 18 and fence in a yard 18 x 30 as long as I mow the grass, PLUS you can have a storage building.  Electricity runs about $70 a month and propane, around $400 a year.  That's pretty cheap living ... which is exactly why this park is beginning to look like a trashy TRAILER PARK!!  There's Buddha's, pink flamingos and even a bar set up at one site!!  Who do you call about something like this and more importantly, will they do anything about it?? 


  1. Beautiful crafts. We have a RV friend who does the goards. She is in Az at a Gord festival this month. Love reading your adventures.

    1. What?? A gourd festival??? Where??

    2. I know it's in AZ not sure where, just goggle it. She won first place at a first time showing.

  2. What rv park are you referring to where you can stay for around $300 year round?

    1. Thousand Trails Verde Valley. The people I spoke to are TT members, and leasing a spot for 12 months at a time for $3400. They were allowed a 10x18 wooden patio and at least an 18x30 grass yard enclosed with a 30" high fence. Not bad, huh??? Not sure if you have to be a member or not.