Sunday, February 1, 2015

I See Stars!!!

The rain didn't let up all day yesterday.  It's so much fun to deal with wet dogs after tiptoeing through the mud puddles.  Cooper is like a little kid ... jumping in the middle of every one, coming out soaking wet!!  As I stepped out of the rig this morning however, I saw stars!!  I also got a fog warning on my phone.  FOG????  In the desert???  My perceptions of the desert have certainly changed since staying here in Tucson!!
In spite of the weather, the quail were out in force yesterday.  We counted over 15 coming across the road to the Denny's diner set up in the Chance front yard.
These guys are like no quail I've ever seen ... the males are so colorful!!  I watched for some time before gathering up my purse and heading to town with Patty ... again!!  
Since today was "spin the wheel and win a prize day", we made ONE more trip to the fabric shop.  Here's some pieces I picked up the other day.  Pretty wild for me!  Seems as I go along, I like the brighter, wilder prints and colors!!
While Patty perused the walls for placemat fabric, I really had no intention of getting anything.  Then I saw these beauties!!  Hi ... my name is Nancy and I'm addicted to fabric!!  I just couldn't keep my hands off and came away with these for yet another quilt.  At least I've convinced myself to ALWAYS make the smallest size!
We stopped for groceries at Fry's ... a big mistake since it's not only Saturday and everyone living within a 50 miles radius is at THIS store, but today is Super Bowl Sunday ...  even the GUYS were out stocking up on munchies.  We picked up a couple things, nothing fancy, but I did find some sweet potato corn chips that are AWESOME!!  

This morning I was up early in the chilly air, watching my breath on every exhale, waiting for the sun to rise.  It was worth the cold.  As the sun lit up the mountain tops, you could see snow and lots of fog.  
If you look close, you can see the train tracks in the bottom of this picture.  Yes, the trains have been running on schedule every hour or two.  Most are nice enough not to blow the whistle too loud at night at a crossing near here, but there's ONE guy who wants to make sure everyone else is up at three in the morning!!
As I gathered my supplies to cut fabric, I discovered I left my cutter at home.  Rats!!!  Okay, I promise ... ONE and ONLY ONE more trip to the fabric store!!!