Friday, February 20, 2015

Home To Valley Fog ... Yippee!!!!

Up to the sounds of train whistles at 4:15, I tried to be patient. There's always fog in Bakersfield, so I didn't want to leave too soon. I lasted until 7:30 before I hit the road. I was so proud to have missed it all with lots of warm sunshine. Until I got to Sanger, where not only was it foggy as all get out, but I hit road construction with the roughest roads ever.

I finally made it home where the puppies went absolutely wild OFF leash. They played racehorse for an hour while I unloaded a few necessities. Then I hit the phone to contact Apple in Modesto. OMG!!  They seriously have the worst phone system EVER!!!  They hung up on me twice, suggesting I go online to make an appointment. Ummm ... That's my problem!!!  Then they seriously expected their machine to understand a serial number with F, C and S letters. Again it hung up!  Finally I reached an actual human, who made my appointment for this morning. YAY!!!!

I'll report back later.

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