Saturday, February 21, 2015

Did They Change The Speed Limit In California??

Sometimes I wonder if I really want to leave California, what with the beautiful fog and crazy drivers. The answer is YES!!  I drove to Modesto yesterday on Hwy 99 at 65 mph. That's the speed limit, right??  After about 3 miles I got a really bad feeling I was going to be in an accident. Over the years, I've learned not to ignore this dread I feel, so I moved over and slowed to 55. Everyone passed me like I was standing still.

Three more miles and traffic came to a screeching halt when a semi truck and trailer T-boned a small car that spun out of control changing lanes. There was no fog, just too much speed. Six more cars got hit. PLEASE SLOW DOWN!!  It's not worth your life!!!

So I made it to my computer appointment. They ran tons of diagnostics, passed them all except one. Apparently it keeps track of the number of partitions. It thought it had 388 but could only count 387. If the math doesn't add up, it goes beserk. To fix beserk, you back up everything, wipe the drive and reinstall the backup. I have complete faith it will work ... well maybe 99% faith!!  The alternative will run almost $3K, so please say a little prayer for me!!!  It should be done today, which means another drive on the highway with maniacs going 80mph, 3 feet behind the car in front.  I'll stick to the slow lane and let them get there 5 minutes before me!!


  1. I think you mentioned that you had an Apple computer. I am not familiar with Apple products. I got tired of giving Bill Gates money and seeing him spend it outside the USA so now I build my own computers. I run an operating system called Ubuntu. It is one of the various Linux Operating systems and they are all FREE. There is also Libre Open Office which is very very similar to Microsoft Word, but it is also FREE and there is Thunderbird mail or Hotmail or Gmail available for it. I find it much easier to use. My computer has 2 hard drives installed, one does have Windows 7 on it and I seldom use it. The other hard drive has Linux on it. Check with some of your friends in that area and I would think some would be running Linux. IF not the next time you are coming through the MO, yell at me and I will demonstrate it for you. It is downloaded using a program called Unetbootin. If you have an old PC around that used to run Windows, create a Flash Drive using Unetbootin and load it on the old PC. I think you will be pleased. There is a learn curve but it is a gentle sloping curve and if you have any malfunctions let me know and I will help you.

    Please be careful on the road.

    1. Rex!! So good to hear from you!!!! I'd love to check out Linux!! I've heard of it but had no idea how to set it up.

  2. The older I get the worse my English becomes. Make that through the state of MO and there is a learning curve.