Monday, February 2, 2015

FOG (??) and the SUPER BOWL!!!

When the weather alert went off on my phone yesterday, warning of a severe fog advisory, I kind of laughed.  Yesterday's pictures show the white stuff pretty thick in the valley, which I'm VERY used to where I come from.  Little did I know it was going to come up THIS high!!  As I was having coffee, Patty knocked on the door and said ... step outside ... this is a FIRST!  Fog at over 3,000 feet elevation in Tucson Arizona, you know, the DESERT!!
In another hour we were pretty socked in, making that last trip to the fabric store for a cutter, happen late in the afternoon.  Finally around noon, the sun came out and it was gone.  The rivers that had been running full the last two days were dry again.  So just where does all that water go??  Is there a big pond at the end where it collects or does it just flow out into the desert somewhere?
Back at the ranch, it was soon time for the Super Bowl.  While Patty made the best SUPER bowl of chili, along with smoked cheddar cheese bread, I entertained Miss Snoopy kitty with a little race-horsing around the kitchen.  Finally it was time to take a seat for the big game!  I know this isn't Patty's thing, but she graciously let me watch the game from Dan's chair on their big screen TV, since MY version of Dish Network isn't showing it.
What a GREAT game.  I've probably never seen two teams fight so hard in every quarter.  My apologies to Seattle fans, but I'm rooting for New England as the kick-off took place.  I admit, the other reason I watch this game is for the commercials.  The Budweiser puppy was a tear jerker with a happy ending ... love those horses ... and the Chevy commercial got me, as I'm sure it did everyone else!  I yelled "OH NO" as the screen went black.  GOTCHA!!!  "You know you want a truck"!!!
Katy Perry and the halftime show didn't impress me at all.  I realize they are targeting the younger set, but at least have a performer where you can understand the words of the songs they are singing.  The music sounded vaguely familiar and the special effects were pretty cool, but with todays technology, I would think they could do something about the sound.
In the end .... at the VERY end ... the New England Patriots WON!!!  Tom Brady is kind of like the San Francisco Giants .... he stresses you out horribly with bad throws and interceptions, but comes through in the last few minutes!!  What a nail-biter!!

Today I leave the beautiful Last Chance RV Park and head North.  Keep your fingers crossed I make it through Phoenix!!  I'll let you know where I land in tomorrow's blog!!


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    1. No Jan, not stopping in Casa Grande this time. I had reservations up North. Btw ... is there a way to comment on your blog without giving Google+ all my information?? They want more info than I want to give out .....