Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cottonwood Arizona ... Day One

I just love it here in Cottonwood!!  Elevation is 3,314 with a population of around 11,400.  This might be a nice place to have a permanent residence, so that's the reason for my extended stay here, aside from the fact that I just want to revisit Jerome!!
Apparently a lot of other people think this is a good spot to settle down.  There are more permanent spots in this Thousand Trails Park than I've seen anywhere.  

After a couple loads of laundry, I headed out to find Pawz On Main, a fairly new pet store, owed by Patty and Dan Chance's realty agent Denise Strong.  What a cute store, filled with all things dog and cat!!  She's a big activist in the animal world and won't sell anything she wouldn't feed her own pets, so check out the store if you are in the area.  Denise is also one to check with if you're interested in moving here!!  I got lots of good info, before checking out another couple of stores.  One of the newest in Old Town Cottonwood (right across from Pawz) has all things Aztec and Spanish, where I picked up these placemats.  
My second stop was the Old Jail, now a Tea Room ... but I wasn't there for the tea.  They have the best cupcakes around!!!  Chocolate raspberry and salted caramel ... YUM YUM!!!  If you ask, they will give you a short tour of the jail's back room.  Next I hit the only quilt store in Cottonwood to get a new cutting mat.  Apparently it's NOT a good idea to leave your mat under the bed on top of "stuff".  It warped, making it impossible to cut material with the accuracy required for quilting.  Luckily, they had ONE left.  

I drove around checking out a couple of the neighborhoods while eating delicious raspberry frosting, before heading back to the rig.  Cottonwood seems to be more mobile home friendly than most, and not laid out like you would expect.  There are many roads to explore all over the mountains that follow the curve of the land like cattle trails, ending just when you think you're back to the main road.  
I played with the puppies (Cooper is in my lap as I type ... like he doesn't get enough attention already!!) and laid out my new cutting mat for some quilt time.  There was no sunset the night before, so wasn't I surprised to step outside and see this!!  Next time I'm parking at the TOP of the hill for a better view!!
Today I'm being lazy ... I need some doggie treats, some groceries for me and a couple pieces of 2 x 12's to help in leveling my rig, so Home Depot is on my list.  Maybe even a little sewing before hitting the lodge with my computer to check out home sales in the area.

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