Sunday, February 22, 2015

Did Apple Keep Their Promise??

That's the question of the day around my house!!  By noon when I hadn't heard anything, I went through their horrible phone answering system until I finally got another human, who contacted the store. Surprise!!  In less than two minutes I had a girl on the phone that gave me an update. They ordered parts. Parts for what, I asked??  She got a tech to explain they couldn't do the backup because it kept shutting down. Uh YEAH!!!  That's the little problem I told you about!

Seems until it can count correctly, it won't do anything. They ordered a new logic board, which came in yesterday at noon. I know this because they called me!!  That's one promise kept!  The tech said MacBook Pro computers were having some troubles and they were fixing the $500 problem for free. THAT remains to be seen!!!  I'll find out today when I go to pick it up, because they promised to get it on the fast track overnight tech crew schedule!!  The squeaky wheel got that promise - or maybe it was the crazed look in my eyes!!

I admit it -- I'm hooked on computers. So much so that I'm having withdrawals not being able to go check out anything I want or plan my summer trip!!  I'm spoiled terribly. What did we do in the old days????  I suppose people just had to talk to each other, but since there's no other in my house, it's rather lonely without my trusty Mac friend.

So PLEASE Mr Apple ... Keep your promise and fix my Mac so I can pick it up TODAY!!!


  1. Just caught up on your blog since we were away for the weekend. Both of us have had "those feelings" before as we drive down the road. I have literally gotten off the freeway before! Sometimes I know why, sometimes I never do. Glad you are doing well and still listening to your feelings.

    Hope you get your computer back soon. Not an Apple man, have done Linux before but just don't like it as much only because I know Microsoft so much. Doesn't mean I like it, but I just know how to deal with it better.

    Dave (