Thursday, February 19, 2015

Computer Troubles

I finally get a great internet connection and my computer keeps crashing.  No idea what the problem is but I have a bad feeling!!  I guess I'll be spending Saturday at the Apple Store.  In the meantime, I can post with my phone, but no pics. 😢

I made it to Boron after a long 6-1/2 hour drive through Havasu City. They were blasting North of the city and had a huge caterpillar perched on a cliff, which had us stopped for awhile.  I landed at the Arabian Oasis RV park with a bad headache, which mac n cheese fixed pretty fast. I gained an hour in time, which is awful when you're exhausted!!

I tried to stay up later to adjust to the time change .. Bad idea. The trains started coming by at 4:30 am!!!!!  Maybe I can catch up on sleep at my house tonight!!

That's it -- it was a better story when there were pics!!!!  Wish me luck at Apple!!


  1. You posted in yesterday’s blog $2.55 for diesel, well you can forget that when you return to our beloved California.
    I also have an Apple, can’t wait to return to a PC. I can understand you having an Apple with all the great photographs you take.

    Jim M.

    1. I closed my eyes when I passed fuel stations in Calif!!!! I'm much more familiar with PC's, but you're right. It's the photography thing!!

  2. Nancy, check some of Nick's old blogs or email him. His Apple problems were related to his keyboard or mouse or something. Once he replaced that item, my recollection is that he didn't have any more problems. Could be as simple as that. We can only hope. Jim