Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Little Frost On The Pumpkin!!

It's been pretty chilly here at night.  Nick Russell must be getting closer to California!  Although I was a skeptic at first, I now firmly believe he has a big black cloud over his head that follows him everywhere!!  If he's in your neighborhood, there's cold temperatures, rain or snow ... or all three!!!  Yesterday and this morning the temperature got down to 34 degrees.  Even the dogs refused to go outside!!  It's not much better inside however, since I'm so allergic to putting money in PG&E's pocket.  Miss Jessie is always cold ... it's not like she has much of a coat to keep her warm ... so she snuggles up in the blankets!!
I finished my Hawaii quilt, taking three days to hand sew the binding.  I have holes in three fingers to prove it!!  This image doesn't do the quilt justice ... it really is much more vibrant in person!!
Here's my MAN quilt, made just for the men, so they know that quilting isn't always about flowers and froo-froo!!!  Again, this one is much nicer in person where you can see the patterns!!  What am I going to do with all these quilts I'm making??  I'll be honest, I have no idea!!  I guess when I have them draped all over every piece of furniture in the house, I'll start giving them away!!!
Today is empty out my checkbook day ... I have over $10,000 worth of bills to pay!!  I know, that's pretty crazy, huh??  Between California DMV, insurance, property tax, PG&E and one credit card, that's what's going out the door.  Now you know SEVERAL reasons why I want to move out of this lovely state!!  To make matters even worse, this week I meet with my Tax Guy for THAT bad news, my dentist and my haircut gal!! So that explains why my refrigerator looks like this!!!
No worries however, as I'm a good planner in that respect.  Every month I begrudgingly put aside enough to cover all those expenses and more.  It just happens that they all come due at the same time!!  Nonetheless, it's EXPENSIVE to live in California.  I filled up my diesel truck yesterday with fuel costing $3.05 a gallon.  Slightly higher than $2.55 in Arizona, but thankfully NOT $5.00 a gallon!!

If I'm going to eat today, I better get to the store.  For those in the middle of the cold fronts, keep warm ... for everyone else, enjoy the sun!!!


  1. Oh Nancy, you need to get to the store real soon! There are only TWO bottles of wine left in the fridge!!! (I prefer California White Zinfandel in the small box myself....Marcia is more into the Red Wines)

    1. It's a sad state of affairs Dave!! I could drink the wine, but one is homemade ... not always a good choice ... and the other is for cooking!!