Monday, November 10, 2014


It was a pretty boring day I'm sorry to say!!  I spent the first three hours "unsubscribing" from all those junk email companies I receive JUNK from every day!!  Where does all this stuff come from?? To my knowledge, I've never purchased or even looked up information on the Nu-Wave Oven.  I certainly have never purchased a Louis Vuitton purse ... who has THAT much money ... and I've never been interested in the Rolling Stones!!

I'm sorry Adriana, but I've never heard of you and I'm pretty sure I'm NOT interested in what you are selling!!  Boot Barn ... you have the goods I'm looking for, and I'm thrilled you just opened a new store near me ... but really, I don't need 4 emails a day to get the message!!

Pacific Gas and Electric ... I donate more than enough money to you every month, and I have NO choice in the matter.  Why do you waste money on internet advertisements????

HSN ... Home Shopping Network ... I rarely buy things from your television shows, not your computer shows, which I don't think you even have!!  Three emails a day isn't going to get me to buy any more than NO emails a day!!

E-Harmony, Farmers Only, Love @ AOL, Christian Singles and all those other match-you-up-with-the-perfect-mate sites are just not for me.  If I didn't respond to the first 200 emails, I'm probably not going to respond at all!!

Tennessee House Democrats ... where the heck did YOU come from??  Yes I drove through your state ONCE ... doesn't mean I've taken up residence there, and since I'm a Republican, I think you're barking up the wrong tree!!

It just goes on and on and on .......   The solution is to "unsubscribe" from each and every one ... which I did yesterday morning, continuing for another hour THIS morning.  Each unsubscribe process is different ... some won't even LET you stop this insane process, and those that do warn you it may take 8-10 weeks for this to take effect.  Really???  Seems it only took two seconds for you to latch on to my email address ... why does it take so long to UNLATCH it???  I shouldn't even look at the junk mail, but every once in awhile, someone you WANT to talk to sends an email that gets dumped here.

Knit Picky ... I now have 9,389 knitting patterns ... I think that's enough to last me three lifetimes!!  Please UNSUBSCRIBE me!!!

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