Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Lion In The Box!!!

Good news!!!!  We were able to sleep in until 5:00 am!!!  There was a reason for that extra 30 minutes of sleep that I hope doesn't happen again any time soon!!

I scheduled breakfast with a girlfriend yesterday ... which turned out to be lunch by the time she got here.  I was starving and ate entirely too much, then jumped in my truck and took off for Sonora with my quilt pieces.  It's sure nice to know the engine will start when the key is turned!!

This would be my first time having a piece quilted by a shop.  They always look so beautiful when completed.  Well I found out they come with a beautiful price and an extended waiting period to get them back.  The "guestimate" was $75 when it's done in 10 weeks!!!  Ten weeks ... I'll be in Arizona in 10 weeks!!  I think I already have $175 worth of fabric in this thing!  No wonder those pretty quilts sell for $400!!

Money just seems to be front and center this week.  On the way home, my windshield got hit by a large rock, making a hole that I'm sure cannot be fixed.  There goes another $500 deductible out the window.  I'm really NOT made of money and am hoping this comes to an end soon!!

Around 9:30 pm I discovered the not-very-close neighbors were having a party in their back yard.  Unfortunately there is nothing between my house and theirs ... and they were LOUD!!!  Between the boom boom of the boom box and the guy laughing at his own jokes, I woke up at 11:00 and tried to get back to sleep.  As I walked through the supermarket, there was a big cardboard box on the table, moving quite a bit.  It had a large chain around it with a sign that said LION.  Really ... it's a lion in a box ... a cardboard box to boot.  I felt sorry for the poor thing, so I purchased him.  I took all my other groceries out to the truck, then returned for the big box.  About that time, I began to regret my purchase ... people were screaming and running ... the LION was loose!!  I'd like to make a return please??  Here's my receipt ... I can't take the LION if he's not in the box.

At 2:00 am I woke up (before I became lion food) from the now-even-louder noise coming through my bedroom walls.  I debated calling the cops to quiet them down.  I even got up to look because they were so loud I was SURE they were in MY back yard ... or at least my next door neighbor's driveway, you know, the one where the attempted murder took place.  I can actually hear conversations and bad jokes as I tried to fall asleep again.

I wanted to rush out of the grocery store, but REALLY wanted that refund.  I figured the lion was in the meat department having dinner, so I tried to sneak around the shelves looking for the cashier.  I finally found him on TOP of the shelf system.  As I began to climb to the top with receipt in hand, he yelled just in time for me to scramble over the cans of tomato soup, missing the swipe of a large paw!!  I'd like a refund please ... the lion is OUT of the box!!

At 3:30 am I again woke up and discovered the party still going strong.  I really didn't want to be a bad neighbor and report them, but this is ridiculous.  I began to think of ways I could wake THEM up at 4:30 when my puppies and I got up!!  Finally with a pillow firmly planted over my head, I slept until 5:00.  When I got out of bed, all I could think of was the lion in the box.  I never did hear from him again and  I hope they got him back in the box safe and sound!!  It's always an adventure at my house ... even in my dreams!!!


  1. Nancy, we just bought a diesel pusher yesterday from LaMesa in Fort Myers. Won't have it for a few weeks but signing all the paperwork was the first step. A new 38R Itasca Solie. It's 39 feet 10 inches. Now we will get to do all the things you did 2 years ago to outfit your mobile ranch. Jim

    1. That SOOOO exciting!!!! You're going to have a blast!!! Be sure to get a notepad and write down anything that needs fixing after you get it. LaMesa is great about repairs during the first year, but one day over the limit and you are out of luck!! Here's a "virtual" HIGH FIVE!!!