Sunday, November 2, 2014

"If I Could Turn Back Time" .... Remember Cher??

That song has nothing to do with anything really ... other than show how old I am, and last night everyone in California turned back time.  How easy was that??  I hate daylight savings time.  I'm not sure how it saves ANY time.  It just makes getting used to it twice a year a big pain in the patoodie!!  For everyone who gets to sleep in an hour this time ... YAY!!!  In my house however is this four-legged critter that gets up at the same time, no matter WHAT the time is.  He pats his feet on the bed and moans very quietly ... like he's trying not to wake you up, when that is the whole point of his cute shenanigans.  Who can turn down a face like this???  So at 4:00 am we were up eating and going outside ... no matter that I kept them up until 10:30 last night.
I met with a new Contractor to fix the ranch house windows.  After several tries, the first guy never called back, so onward and upward.  This one got me an estimate in two days that is going to set me back some.  It's more than I thought, but less than I have in that bank account, and it HAS to be done while the sun shines!!  So much for my RV shade cover THIS year.  

I still haven't figured out how to get the garage cabinets up off the floor enough to empty them.  Seems everyone I call has a bad back!!  Come on guys ... it can't be THAT hard to push them up!!  Maybe I should be offering some of that smoked pork!!!  Next Thursday I'm going to try and hijack the gardeners!!  Hope they can help.

This is my next project.  Trying to figure out how this goes together!!  The instruction booklet has eight pages of WARNING ... YOU CAN DIE ... but no pages that tell you how to hook things up.  I did read that I need some wrenches.  Finding the correct size will be the first hurdle.
I drove all the way to Sonora to Bearly Quilting yesterday to get some additional material.  If you're not a quilter, you won't understand ... but I get heart palpitations when I walk in that store.  I want EVERYTHING!!!!!  Such nice people, they were able to help me make color choices.  I always feel like I'm color blind in a quilt store.  I never seem to make the right picks without their help!!
When I got home, I quickly sewed on two of the three borders to the jelly roll I have been working on.  It will have one more dark brown border on the outside.  I'm much happier with these colors than the bright fluorescent orange I had previously.  Then it hit me ... I have SO much fabric stashed in every drawer in the house, especially from the Alaska "Quilting" Trip!!!  It's time to remodel that spare bedroom into a quilting room ... at least a quilting STASH room.  
I really don't want to get rid of the bed ... you never know when some good looking hunk might come knocking on my door.  So for the time being, I'll just stand it up in the closet and bring in an old dining room table for cutting fabric.  Then all I need are a couple of pretty white bookshelf/cabinets where I can stack the stash!!  I better get busy ... oh wait!!!  It's only 5:30 ... plenty of time for another cup of coffee!!


  1. I never said I was a good cook, just that it’s a hobby. I’m better at assembling thing like you air compressor parts lol.

    1. Aha ... a HANDY man ... that's the best kind to have. You can always order pizza for dinner!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Jan ... it was really easy to stitch, no worrying if you got the pattern right or the seams perfectly straight!!