Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Open ... Open ... Open ...

No ... not the doors on Black Friday ... open my eyes please!!  I'm back to cashiering Bingo on Tuesday nights for my Elks Lodge.  Since I'm out of practice, it takes me a little longer to close out, which meant I got home late late!!  This cowgirl goes to bed early with the chickens.  I don't function very well on 5 hours sleep, which is why I'm late with the blog this morning!!

I got a Fitbit recently ... a little thing you wear on your wrist all day to count your steps.  It will remind you to walk more if you haven't gotten in your mile.  It also records your movements at night when you sleep.  Seems I'm a VERY restless sleeper, even more than I thought.  It's also interesting to see that the restlessness is at almost the exact same time from night to night.  Not sure it will help me get any more sleep, but it is a constant reminder that I need to keep moving!!
It's raining this morning ... yay for California ... and my poor rig is again tiger striped with crud streaming off the roof.  Enough of this ... I'm calling Bob Tiffen!!  After leaving a message, I got a return call about 30 minutes later.  I knew the white stuff coming off the roof and down the sides was oxidation from the sun hitting the white roof coating.  I just can't believe there isn't SOME kind of product that can seal the entire thing and reflect the suns rays.  I mean even my fingernail polish has UV protection in it, although I don't think I can afford THAT many bottles!!  Apparently most people just put a coat of car wax on the roof.  It protects the sealcoat like it would protect your car's paint but must be done every couple of months.  Since I really wasn't happy with that answer, he offered to transfer me to the service department technician that handles the roof sealant problems to see if there wasn't a better solution.  The tech guy was nice enough and agreed it was a continuing problem.  The only solution he found that worked at all was to spray on Aerospace 303 Protectant and wipe it down.  Unfortunately it will have to be done a couple of times a year.  I suppose if it works, that's better than spending hours climbing the ladder to wash off the tiger stripes.  Does anyone else have this problem and maybe another solution??  They clear coat the side of the rig, why can't they clear coat the roof??  Wouldn't that work??
I ordered a bottle from Amazon as I move into the aerospace age.  It's supposed to work on dashes, upholstery, headlights and lots more.  At least the tech was nice enough to warn me to be careful when walking on the roof.  Especially since this protectant will make it extra slippery!!  I'll have the only rig with an ice rink on top!!


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    1. I'm hoping I got most of the oxidation cleaned off ... although there is some still sliding down the side with this last rain!! What a pain!!

  2. We use the 303. Didn't know it was rec by Tiffin but we used it on our boat with good results so just tried it. Apply 2x/year and seems to work pretty well. Also doesn't seem to make our roof real slick. It was work to put on the first time as our roof had some build up - lots of elbow greese. After first application, not too bad.

    1. I really scrubbed the roof when I washed it last week, so hopefully there won't be TOO much buildup before the 303 arrives. Twice a year I can deal with ... and no ice rink ... that's definitely a plus!! Thank you for the feedback!!