Tuesday, November 4, 2014

No, Those Are NOT My Cheetos!!!

The good Lord works in mysterious ways, and really, who am I to question Him??  Yesterday was a perfect example!!  It started out nice enough, but at 4:30 it was chilly,  so I decided to see if I could get the fireplace working.  It usually gives me an awful time getting it lit the first time or two.  One hit on the lighter and the flames took off without a hitch.  Wow ... how nice is that, not to have to fight the fireplace!!  I looked up and said a nice thank you!!!
I spent a little time on the computer looking for a china-hutch type cabinet for my sewing room.  Something that has glass doors to I can see the beautiful fabrics (and that I don't need to buy any more) as well as a couple of drawers to hide the junk.  This one looks pretty good, but at $2,600, it's WAY too pricey!!
There is a shop about 40 minutes away that I thought wouldn't have anything that big, but far be it from me to make quick judgements ... so I made it my first stop.  There it was on the back wall.  The PERFECT hutch, newly restored with chalk paint, glass doors and glass shelves.  It could be white, but I'm not looking the gift horse in the mouth.  How could I possibly be so lucky!!  I look up for another thank you!!  I'm still smiling over finding this piece for a quarter of the price I expected to pay.  I can't pick it up for a couple of weeks since they are having their big Christmas sale and need it for display, but it now sports a big SOLD sign with my name on the back.  
I'm so excited that within 30 minutes I found the perfect piece of furniture, that I stopped in at Walmart for some groceries ... a nice homemade berry pie is a great way to celebrate!!  It's always an adventure in Walmart here and today was no exception.  There was a little voice in the back of my head warning me, but it had been such a good day, I chose to ignore it.  

The first sign ... the cashier wasn't trained to do more than one thing at a time, and talking seemed to be the theme of the day.  As I finally made my way up to the counter, NOT asking for patience, because the Lord only seems to made my predicament worse, I mentioned the two containers of DEF fluid in the basket.  The second sign ... the cashier ignored me.  I mentioned it again and I was met with a cold stare ... the third sign.  Okay then ... I'll just keep my mouth shut!!

As I walked away, I opened a bag to drop in the receipt.  Wait ... I didn't buy any Cheetos.  Excuse me, these aren't my Cheetos.  They must belong to the lady behind me.  As I hand them back, the gal charges the lady.   Excuse me, but you already charged me, just give them to her at no cost.  That didn't compute, as she rang them up a second time.  It's okay the checker said, I didn't charge you for them, I just put them in the wrong bag.  Excuse me again, but there is a charge of $2.58 on my receipt for Cheetos.  Oh those were yours, she said!!  NO, those are NOT my Cheetos!!  By now I've had just about enough of the airhead checker.  Those are NOT my Cheetos, I did NOT buy them and I would like a refund please.  She directed me to take the receipt to Customer Service and kept the Cheetos.  That's not going to work honey ... they are NOT going to give me a refund unless I give them the product.  By now, the other purchaser and I are in a tug of war over the bag, as I tried to explain to her I would get my refund and return the Cheetos to her, since she had also paid for them!!  That didn't compute either, so I finally asked for a Supervisor.  A very sharp cookie arrived, gave me the refund in cash and the Cheetos to the lady who actually wanted them.  

By now my ice cream is melting, so I raced to the car, threw everything in the back and sped home.  Once all the cold stuff was in the freezer, I double checked my receipt.  Low and behold ... she never did charge me for the DEF fluid.  Yes ... the Lord works in mysterious ways!!  I wonder how much product Walmart writes off as having been shop-lifted, when really it just wasn't charged out by the cashiers!!!  I also wonder if anyone will appreciate it when I return the merchandise and offer to pay??


  1. Ya, good luck trying to take it back and paying for it. I did that with a Walmart in Arkansas (their home state by-the-way) and I essentially was told, "If you want to pursue this, someone is probably going to lose their job over it..." What a spot that puts an honest person in....so I just donated the amount I owed Wally to my favorite dog charity instead. --Dave (GoingRvWay.com)

    1. Thanks Dave ... I kind of thought the same thing. Even though she was an airhead, she probably really needs the job. Good idea about the donation ... at least I will feel better!!!