Sunday, November 23, 2014

Some RV Maintenance News ...

At the recommendation of a blog reader, I contacted Redlands Truck and RV, not far from my January destination of Indio.  The biggest problem is that it's Christmas and New Year's in between my flower gluing gig and the FMCA WMHA Indio rally.  By the way ... I thought it was all Family Motor Coach Association, but some people call it Western Motor Home Association.  I'm confused!! At any rate, Redlands (the perfect solution) won't be open on the days I can be there.  Scheduling can be a bear!!

In an effort to help me out however, they DID provide a name and phone number of a very reputable person who COULD do the oil changes while we are parked at the fairgrounds in Indio.   At least that's ONE down ... and I can make an appointment with them in Quartzsite for the remainder of the work.  It's all becoming a scheduling nightmare!!  I'm not good at that any more ... the best part about being retired is I don't HAVE to be anywhere!!  After all that hard work trying to schedule repairs, I made this fluffy peanut butter pie just to relax from all the brain work!!
I spent more time on the phone yesterday because one of the "clubs" I signed up for in Maine wasn't honoring my request to quit.  It was a great idea, but I ended up with so many knitting projects, I had to call a halt for awhile.  It's like a wine club, sort of ... sign up, automatic charges, pick up the wine, only here they mail it to me.  I NEVER sign up for these things because I always have trouble getting them to STOP!!  Sure enough, that's what happened.  The payments were processed through Pay Pal, who said I didn't have an account and they weren't paying anyone!!  Even though I gave them the transaction number, they assured me they were not charging my credit card.  You know THAT didn't go over well since I just got an email from them saying they in fact DID charge my card.  Emails to the yarn shop got no response, so I finally called.  The gal was so sweet, I couldn't get mad.  Apparently their Tech Guy has put the wrong email address on their PayPal account, so they never received anything.  She immediately cancelled it with apologies.  Not two minutes later, I got an email from PayPal saying the charges had been cancelled ... on my nonexistent account!!

In other news, as I stepped out my back door this morning, my friends are B A A A C K!! Overnight about 20 turkey buzzards have returned home to Buzzards Roost.  It was fun to sit outside (freezing in the cold wind) and watch them ride the currents.  They are HUGE, swooping up on the winds and almost crashing into each other.
They actually fly in a big circle, always counter-clockwise.  The other little birds around aren't very happy, most of them sitting on my gutters having discussions about how to get rid of the interlopers.  Time to get out my long lens for a few portraits!  This is definitely a sign winter is finally here.
The turkeys are out of the freezer and will spend four days thawing in the fridge.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I can't wait for turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy!!!  In the meantime, my friend Chris will be over today to make our annual supply of Pumpkin Butter.  

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