Wednesday, December 4, 2013

There's Nothing On TV At 4:00 AM !!!

It was a rough night ... thus the lateness of this post.  Not that I was sleeping mind you!!!  At 3:30 am my dogs started barking, scaring the you-know-what out of me!!  I woke with a start and grabbed the .357 I keep close by.  You never want to sneak up on my house in the dark!!!  I'm sure if you were a fly on the wall however, this would have been hilarious ... me sneaking around the house in the dark waving a gun around every corner.  I hoped when I opened the door that the dogs would run out first ... but they were smarter than that!!

A quick check of all the doors showed not one single thing!!!  There's certainly no way I can go back to sleep now!!  When the dogs are up, they're up and it's play time, no matter how crabby their playmate ... ME ... is!!  Might as well watch a little TV and have a cup of coffee.

There are all kinds of noises in a house when it's dark and quiet ... one sounded like running water.  Since a cold spell has hit us, I figured I better check it out.  I got dressed and headed outside, coming back in immediately for a heavier coat!!  After several minutes of walking around, I ended up at the motorhome.  OH NO!!!  Lots of hissing noises!!

Finally I found the problem.  The neighbors sprinkler system controls are just on the other side of the fence I park next to ... and water is spraying EVERYWHERE!!!  It wasn't cold enough to break any pipes, but they had a major problem.  I decided not to wake them at this hour, figuring I might be looking at the wrong end of a shotgun!!  This is probably the noise the dogs heard!!

Back inside and wide awake, I flipped through every single one of 400 channels on my Direct TV receiver.  Trust me, there is absolutely NOTHING interesting at 4:00 am ... or 5:00 am.  If you want to buy $200 coffeemakers ... blenders, the best facial cream ever invented on planet earth, sandwich machines and any number of other expensive devices you can't live without ... just get up at 4 and turn on the tube.  There's nothing on TV at 4:00 am!!!

I think today will be a good "nap" day!!!

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