Sunday, December 22, 2013

Are You Ready For Some Football???

Those are probably words most wives and girlfriends don't like to hear, but being the black sheep that I am, I  LIKE football!!  There ... I said it!!  I'm pretty sure I have been blackballed from the ladies tea group, but ever since I spent some time in Denver, I've been hooked.  Way, WAY back in the old days, I turned 21 in Denver where I worked for a Secretarial Service.  One of their contracts was to provide services to the visiting football teams (NO, not THAT kind of service!!!) so they wouldn't wander into the wrong part of town ... or the wrong bar ... and get in trouble.  Basically, it was our responsibility to keep them out of jail!!

The most memorable night was when the Baltimore Colts (now the Baltimore Ravens) came to play the Denver Broncos after just beating the number one team, Kansas City!!  Boy were those guys ready to party ... except for the quarterback, whose name escapes me, who had a broken arm.  We had a great time and we got ALL of them back to their hotel in one piece.

From that time on, I was hooked on football.  I don't watch every game, but Sunday you will find me in front of the TV yelling for my favorite San Francisco 49'ers.  I watch the Oakland Raider games, just to be sure they lose, but don't advertise that fact.  If you are around Raider fans, you just pretend you like them to keep from getting beat up!!  Just kidding ... some of my good friends are Raider fans!!!!

The Seattle Seahawks are up there this year ... they have such a devoted fan base that I love to see them win games ... and they are expected to win today, as are the 49'ers.

Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco's quarterback is a local kid ... making it even more exciting to see them win!!  He's from little old Turlock, just up the road a few miles.  When you actually KNOW someone who is playing, it makes it much more interesting.  That plus the fact that one of the camera guys on the sidelines taking all those great shots you see on the internet and Sports Illustrated ... that's one of my heroes of photography ... Scott Kelby.  You can walk up to him anywhere and he will take time to not only talk to you, but answer ANY question about photography.  He will give you all his tips and tricks ... he shares everything.  THAT is unusual in todays market!!

So I'm gathering up the popcorn, the Hickory Farms and all the candy I've received so far this Christmas and I'm ready for the game!!!

GO 49'ers !!!!!!!


  1. It is ok to be a 49'er fan and a Raider fan! Lot's of us out there. One of the best days of my life was going to be when Giants played the A's in the World Series...I was sitting there already to watch it -- but God had other plans...the Earthquake hit, the series took a back seat. Since then I have never asked for or looked forward to having niners play the raiders in a Super Bowl out of fear as to what the next earthquake might bring. lol Yes, go niners!!!! --Dave (

    1. You were in that earthquake???? WOW!!!! Scary!!! I remember that well. Guess I'll never go to a Niners/Raiders game either!!! LOL