Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Let The Cooking Begin!!!

Just as soon as Cooper and Jessie finish their morning nap .....
I woke up to another day of freezing temperatures ... 25 and heading down.  A week of this weather will certainly weed out any not-so-hardy plants in my yard.  How is my RV doing in the cold you ask??  Since I couldn't find a light to put in the bay, I had to turn on the gas heater and set the thermostat as low as it would go.  My power outlet isn't big enough to run the electric heater.   So far so good, except I'll have to find propane somewhere along the way to Southern California.  The good news is that black paint has come in handy as the solar heat generated keeps it nice and toasty during the day.  By next Tuesday, it is supposed to warm up to 35 ... 50 during the day ... not my kind of weather at all!!  I sit inside entirely too long, but the alternative (shopping) hits my checkbook pretty hard ... so I just snuggle up with the puppies!!

Cooking is second on the list of things to do, except for that calorie laden taste-testing and eating part.  By the way, I have finally shed another two pounds on the diet after a slight upswing at Thanksgiving, for a total loss of 8.  It's slow going for sure, but I guess it took me 5 months to put on ... it's not going to come off overnight ... unfortunately!!!

My counters are full of ingredients soon to become tasty morsels of goodness!!  I guess you can tell by the sugar, chocolate and nuts that these will be sweet treats!!  I'm giving all of this away .. HONEST!!!
I wrapped a few presents and put them under the tree.  If yours comes with a few scratches and tears, I apologize.  Cooper's favorite game is to roll his ball under the presents, then try to dig it out!!  When I took the presents away, he put it under the tree skirt and almost tipped the tree over ... so sorry, your presents went back on the floor and they're toast!!!
This week I have been invited to critique the Merced College Photography Class final portfolios!  It's amazing to see how creative these kids can be.  I'll try to get a few snapshots for you.  Then on Saturday I have a photo shoot in San Francisco!!  Can't wait for THAT one!!!

Only 15 days til Christmas!!!

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