Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Little Soapbox!!

It seems that Merced's unemployed welfare crowd has finally taken a hit to their paycheck ... at least temporarily.  For that I say YAY!!!  It's about time!!!

You see, some people in the government who make millions of dollars, seem to think the rest of us should pay people NOT to work.  The part that makes me mad is that they are taking that money from MY pocket.  I worked hard all my life, sometimes at menial jobs, saving everything I could so I could afford to buy a house.  For all my trouble, they raised the property tax to cover part of the welfare/unemployment price tag, giving unemployment and welfare benefits to people who simply don't WANT to work.  Ask them ... I have ... and most will tell you "why should I work when I can make more money staying home?".

Here's some statistics taken from the Merced Sun Star local newspaper.  In California, people can apply and receive unemployment benefits for 26 weeks.  The people who run our Federal government, saw fit to add to that another 37 weeks ... free money!!  How many of those receiving benefits do you think diligently applied for jobs ... and there ARE jobs available here, lots of them!!  Well by current count, 13.6% did NOT, resulting in the highest unemployment rate in the country.  In 2008, the unemployment rate was 5.6% with 17 weeks benefits.  Now it's 13.6% with 63 weeks benefits.  Do you see a trend???

My grandfather came here from the Isle of Man and only because of his hard work, was he able to start a cattle ranch.  No one offered him a job ... no one offered him free money ... and no one offered him welfare money just to sit on the porch and drink beer!!  He worked hard, as my whole family has.  He didn't think he was entitled to anything except what he worked for and if he wanted to eat, he better work pretty hard doing anything available.

I'm sure when Congress reconvenes from their little vacation, they will reinstate the benefits weeks, but since it wasn't budgeted for, I'll be curious to see where they get the money.  I'm hoping they actually wake up and smell the roses ... the only way to get people off unemployment is to cut the money.  I'm sure there are a few people who really need help, but they are getting almost seven months of help already.  Maybe you won't be making your usual $15.00 an hour and maybe you'll have to sling hamburgers at McDonalds ... but it's a JOB and you will make MONEY so you won't be living off the rest of us!!

Get off MY back and GET A JOB!!!  I'm tired of carrying your weight!!!


  1. You hit the nail on the head....lot's of us feel the way you do, don't understand why the political folk see differently....err...I guess I do because they forget that they are working for us, the people. Time to kick their butts out of office. --Dave ( ps: passed through Merced yesterday, headed back for Florida via Phoenix. Thought about you as we passed by.....

  2. Right on girl! The trend toward a "Nanny State" mentality, where the government is the answer to everyone's problems is not only counter productive, it's contrary to what this country is supposed to be all about. If the voters don't wake up pretty soon, I'm afraid we've only seen the beginning of a march toward an entitlement culture, and ultimately - socialism!