Monday, December 23, 2013

Definitely Naughty ... It's Coal Time!!

Bratty kids have hit my neighborhood ... and they are definitely NOT nice.  I was all set to watch the football game yesterday.  I had my drinks, my snacks and my puppies all snuggled up.  When I turned to the Direct TV Channel, I got a message ... Searching for signal.  I've been getting that a lot lately so I changed channels ... several times!!  I could get a couple of cartoon shows, but not the football game I was looking forward to.  What a time for it to get worse!!!
Previously, I called my friend who ran me through all the diagnostics to no avail.  Finally, he said to go check the satellite dish.  What I found, made me madder than a wet hen!!  It looked like some neighborhood brats had used my dish for target practice.  One of the three "guns" or transponders ... whatever you call them ... was broken, with the remnants laying on the ground.  The second one was cracked and the dish had several dents!!

I've been trying to delay the replacement.  I'm sure Direct TV would replace it in a week or two, along with another two year contract ... but the worst part ... when they were here last, they said I would have to have the dish installed on TOP of the roof, not on the facia boards.  I'm not happy at all about having holes drilled in my garage roof.  They actually refused to repair it unless I agreed to the relocation.

I watched the game as the signal went in and out ... how frustrating that I missed several good plays AND replays.  I sure hope those kids get COAL for Christmas!!  Amazingly, the Cardinals won!!  My Seattle friends are crying in their beer.  Now to see what good kiddie cartoons have a better signal!!


  1. Sometimes it just depends on which Direct TV person you talk to. We have found if you hang up and call again you might get a better tech.
    Good luck, our dish is located on a porch railing, had it moved from the roof as we could not remove snow. Actually our tech said Direct did not like them on the roof as it was dangerous for there tech to be up there.

  2. I suspect threatening to go to Dish would get you the service you need. Do you have the maintenance contract? You can purchase the LNB on line and it is easy to replace yourself.

    1. Thank you .. thank you!! Someone suggested I try E-Bay, but you never know what you are buying. I'll have my friend check this out!!