Wednesday, December 18, 2013

All Quiet On The Home Front ...

At least temporarily .... did I mention the chimney fire in the rental house??  Oh yeah!!!  I was not a happy camper.  The amount of creosote that DJ's Chimney Service scraped off the sides of the fireplace was nothing short of crazy!!!  I know this is a result of how you manage the wood stove insert when burning, so as we walked in the door, I asked DJ to please tell them exactly how it should be done.  AND HE DID!!!!!

In this case, there are only two handles that are adjustable.  The top one opens the flue to let smoke out so you can open the door without asphyxiating yourself.  The bottom one is the culprit ... it allows air into the chamber so the fire will burn.  Leave it OPEN!!!  When you shut that one down, the gases don't burn thoroughly, turn into creosote coating the chimney and eventually light up like a searchlight as it catches fire and burns your house down!!!  Or MY house, as the case almost was!!!

That fixed, it's on to the eucalyptus tree removal ... the one hundred foot tall one that is a little too close to the garage!!  This darn rental is putting a big dent in my retirement account!!!  I may be sitting in the rocking chair on the porch sooner than I want!!!

Today is another photo shoot of a ten-month old, cutest ever baby boy!!  Don't worry, I took that filter off and stuck it far, far away!!!  I'll post a few images tomorrow!!

In the meantime, I'm making lists and checking them twice for the Indio FMCA Rally in January.  Can't wait to see all those Golden Spike friends again!!!

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