Friday, August 31, 2018

I'm Over The Hill - Outdated

It's terrible when you find out you are old hat, sliding downhill, over the hill, past your prime, outdated and in need of upgrading.  I suppose we all get there, but I certainly don't FEEL like I need any upgrades.  Maybe a little nip and tuck here and there might be nice.

Not for me of course, but for my electronics.  Here's the thing ... my watch died, right?  The suggestion is to update it by hooking up to my computer and going to their website.  When I did, it informed me my Operating System won't support the new watch upgrade.  I need to update the OS first.

Then I got a message to update my iPhone.  Okay ... I can do that ... except it also said my Operating System was too old to complete the task.  Oh come on ... it's only TWO years old?  How can that be ancient enough not to work?

So no watch and a phone with intermittent problems unless I upgrade the computer.  But here's the thing ... Photoshop, my photography catalog program, will not run if I upgrade my computer.  It's pretty much everything to me, so upgrading has not been a possibility.

Oh I could join the CLOUD and pay $10 a month for photoshop, but I just don't like having all my "stuff" out there somewhere where it might get stolen or copied.  That will cost $120 a year forever.

So I'm in a catch 22 ... no upgrade on the computer means no watch and eventually no phone.  I'm sure the Apple people here is Tucson don't want to see me again after the fiasco with my computer last year, so I'll wait until I get back to California.  Plus, I left all my backup gear at my other home.  In the meantime, I hope nothing dies permanently.

Here are those cutie pie baby birds we spotted on the fire sprinkler system in Patagonia.
Is this just the cutest little face ever?  They were cheep cheep cheeping the entire time.  What caught our eye was the bright yellow mouths gaping wide open.
Like this!!  What a nest full!  There are actually four baby birds in this mud nest, all screaming for dinner as mom and probably dad too, flew back and forth trying to keep up.
I don't know what was on the menu, but it must have been good!!  I'm guessing they are starlings ... but really I have no idea.  I can tell you they are fast as lightning however.
Mom made sure to go down the row and feed every single one of them.
Which brings me to the babies in my own back yard.  Remember the pictures of mom dove sitting on the nest?  I found a broken shell under the tree and figured something got the babies, but mom was still sitting there.  

One day I looked out and she was sitting on the ground looking up.  What should I find but two almost grown baby doves in the nest.  All this time they had been there, growing like weeds, hidden underneath mom's feathers.  I can't believe they grew up that fast ... because the next morning, they had all flown the coop.  The nest is now empty.  Lucky I got this picture when I did.
With the weather finally beginning to cool off ... we are down to the mid 90's ... I took off on a road trip yesterday to explore the cattle ranching roots of Arizona.  What an interesting story that I'll relate over the next couple of days.


  1. Love your bird pictures.
    There is so much very interesting history there in the southwest something that we really enjoy.

    1. It's funny how I hated history in school .. now I love it!

    2. I too hated history, in school as well, this is so much better,

  2. GREAT baby pics with their mouths open...I could almost hear them crying out...

  3. I don't care how old 💀and over the hill I am, just give me my 10% 🍩💵 🤙senior discount
    Every year Apple comes out with the new iOS or a revised issue if you haven't touched yours in two years that means your iOS is three years old
    So it stands to reason you do need to upgrade or you should anyways. if it's running slow there's usually a reason so with that in mind,,

    . The current stable Apple release, is iOS 11.4.1, (it's out now)
    I haven't checked it out but it was a free release
    All you do is go onto the Apple site for updates and updated online.
    If you want to live in the dark ages and use your Photoshop you may want to get another computer and leave your existing one alone?
    But my real suggestion is go to the class at the Apple store and you'll learn a wealth of information there may be a way to circumvent the upgrade and still have Photoshop ( Will Photoshop except the new operating system??)
    As for your iPhone you should have,, under systems,,, update your phone turn it on.. it'll bring it up to date.. that's free to
    Don't you just love it when things are free

    An as for your watch why don't you find somebody that has the upgrades already probably somebody's granddaughter that you know,,
    Hint hint,,,, do the upgrades from her apple (most kids today have apples anyways)
    Or you could find a computer repair place that works on apples and probably for a small fee they'll upgrade your watch
    But before you do anything with your watch you May need to check with the factory if the watch will except the new upgraded iOS ???
    If all else fails asked the. geeks on tour. There bloggers on the web

    1. Excellent idea ... someone around here probably has an updated computer so I can fix the watch and my phone. As for the computer, I thought about getting another, or maybe just an iPad. I'm going to go kicking and screaming into updated mode.

  4. If in the future you decide that you want to get a I tablet.
    Make sure you get the one with the largest amount of gigs I believe is 128
    You cannot upgrade the gigs on a tablet like you can a computer
    Mine is 64 gigs 3 GEN and I'm happy with it my air book sits on the floor
    I have not opened it in about five months that has 1 terabyte
    That's my go to back up
    Once you get used to the tablet you probably will only use your book for special reasons
    And the camera is pretty good to