Sunday, August 12, 2018

A Little Walkabout

With all the cool weather yesterday, down to a bone chilling 70 degrees, I put on the least amount of clothes possible while still remaining covered in case the neighbors were around, and went on a nice walk around my property.

It was overcast with a slight breeze .... perfect!!  The ocotillo are all soft and fuzzy looking with their green leaves.  In fact, things are growing so much I can only see the tops of the trains as they lumber by heading up the hill.
You do have to be pretty careful where you step when wearing flip flops.  Critters out here don't like trespassers.  Although cowboy boots and shorts make a fashion statement, they are not for old ladies.  Wearing shorts was probably not my best idea either as I tried to skinny between the bushes.  Look at the thorns on these fuzzy ocotillo.  Well over an inch long and just waiting to stab you.
There are several of these big guys too, along with evidence of flooding down the hill.  I found two baby ocotillos that I may try to transplant to my yard.  Otherwise, there are no babies of anything, either cactus or critter.
The cactus are certainly loving the rain.  Look at all those blooms!!
With that done, I headed downtown to find something cooler to wear.  Everything I left here in March has long sleeves and is definitely NOT suitable for this weather.  Luckily Macys hired a great saleslady and was having a big sale.

I have a Macys card, but it's an American Express card.  It's what they sent me, so I used it.  Rarely, but I used it.  Come to find out, if I had kept using the OLD card, I would have gotten many more discounts.  Really Macys?

So here's what the nice lady did for me.  I applied for a NEW Macys card (no AmerExp) and got 45% off, added that to the sales prices and saved a chunk of $$$.  Six tops and one pair of shorts cost less than $8.50 each.  I was feeling pretty smug when I got home!!  Now the neighbors won't call the fashion police on me.

I spent the rest of the afternoon finishing up this quilt top.  I've got three more in the works.
Then I got REAL ambitious and finished installing cupboard handles in the laundry room.  That's when I discovered the paint for the pantry door, still an unacceptable shade of pinkish brown.  I put the can in the middle of the kitchen so I would be forced to get myself in gear.  All this heat has slowed me down WAY too much!

Finally it was time to set up for the big meteor shower that happened last night.  If you were on top of Mount Whitney in the dark, I imagine you saw quite a few.  Even as far out in the sticks as I am, I didn't see much at all.  Storm clouds didn't help as it rained on and off.  I'll process those today and see what I come up with.

Cooper wasn't happy with me being outside without him.  The second I came back in, he sidled up next to me and was immediately asleep.  Thanks big guy ... I sure wish you would do that in the MORNING so I can sleep in.  
More thunderstorms passed through in the night, causing Miss Jessie to sleep on top of my feet.  If I'm going to be any good at poker tonight, I'll just have to sneak in a nap.  

I'm also tempting fate with a new appetizer recipe.  Although it's made for the barbecue, I don't think I have enough nerve to try that out.  It's okay if it turns out to be cemetery material since I'm actually taking a green salad.  At least that's something I CAN'T mess up!!

In the meantime, if not snoozing on the couch, I'll be measuring windows for new shades.  It's bad when the heat keeps you inside.  My brain works overtime on projects.


  1. You definitely need to be careful walking around those plants in summer clothing. We got to see the Desert Plants blooming in March on 17 when the Rainy season late. We loved it!
    When Cooper uses you for a pillow to sleep in the evening, wake him up. By forcing him to be awake when you are, you can readjust his morning clock to something more reasonable for you.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I did try that a couple of times Rick, but his little internal clock wakes him up anyway. Maybe a long walk before bedtime would work.

  2. Let me see....Flip Flops in Scorpion territory, yep, makes sense to me too...

    1. Hahaha ... yeah you're right, but cowboy boots and shorts makes me laugh even more!! Next time tennis shoes will be the better choice.

  3. I'm not sure if I touched on this before but they make a sunshade screening the covers your whole window. and it keeps out a good portion 80% of the direct heat through the window
    You don't have to do the whole house, just east and west side windows, what's nice is you can see out, but nobody can see in,
    You can buy the material from a company in Phoenix. they'll mail it to you. you could have ace hardware make up the screen frame for the whole window cheaper than having a screen company come out and do it.
    When a barrel cactus blooms the flowers form a ring when they shrivel up another ring is formed either inside or outside of the original ring.
    it'll do it about two or three times.
    If you find when you're walking in the desert a little baby barrel cactus or fishhook cactus same size but the hooks are smaller and brown they're only about the size of an orange if you dig it up and put it in a pot there a fun plan to have in the garden around or on the window ledge requires very little water
    When they do bloom they will Bloom in ring stagers for about two weeks

    1. The screens on that side of the house are sunshades, but they don't keep out all the sun. I'll check into those ... sounds like they are a better choice.
      I may just have a fishhook cactus on the side of my driveway that is about to fall off the cliff due to erosion. I'll try transplanting it and see what happens. Thanks for the suggestions!!

  4. Sure sounds like you got some deals at Macey's, gotta love saving all that cash. Love seeing the desert in bloom and all the greenery we have experienced over the years.
    God luck with transplanting the cactus and of course at poker tonight.
    Hope some of your meteor shower pics turn out would love to see them.

    1. I wish I had better luck at transplanting other people's poker money into my pocket!!