Friday, August 10, 2018

The Babies Are Back!!

FINALLY!  A good night's sleep, or at least as good a night as you can have on the couch with the Grand Canyon at your backside.  Mother Nature did NOT put on a big lightning show this time.  I could see a few flashes way off in the distance, but couldn't hear any thunder at all.  And I took an Advil PM.

It was a lovely 80 degrees all day, perfect weather to sit outside and watch the critters.  Who should appear but my quail family.  They all disappeared so fast, I was sure they were goners ... having become someone's lunch.

After partaking of the breakfast bar on my fence, they spent the entire morning hunting for bugs in the lawn.  Since no other quail frequent my lawn, I'm pretty sure this is the same family.
Someone told me they can fly when they are very tiny ... and they would be right.  There are actually two babies and man can they take off and scream to the top of a tree.  So obviously, that's how they got over my fence.
The second baby is walking behind mom.
Dad jumps up on my roadrunner ... a good lookout point.
Dad ... whatcha doing up there?? Huh? Huh?   Dad ....... whatcha doing?
In a flash he was up beside dad, walking the length of the roadrunner.
Love his little topknot mohawk!!  I can't believe they can fly with such teeny tiny wings and hardly any feathers.
Like father, like son.  They sat for some time scanning the countryside before heading back down the fence to the feed.  They sure are cute little guys.
Harbor Freight finally got their act together and shipped out my solar flashing rope lights.  They work great to deter packrats from under my rig, so I figured to get these two sets to keep critters from eating Miss Patty's cactus plants.  As you know, I was too late.

I hit the Harbor Freight store first, but was told they had been out for quite some time.  When I went online, there they were, so I ordered two sets, which of course never arrived on the awaited day.  When I called, they said the lights were in the mail.  Yeah right .....

Four days later, they arrived.  For $12.99 each, these are the greatest.  You can set them to stay lit or to flash or turn them off entirely.  Flash is better for keeping critters at bay.  They also look pretty cool around the edge of the patio.  
I think I'm going to get one more set and keep it in the motorhome.  It would be nice to have some outside lights early in the morning when I take the puppies out.  Yup ... they last all night long and then some!  

This morning we awoke to a nice soft rain falling on the roof.  I know I've said this before, but I can't believe it rains so much in the desert.  I just got another alert of thunderstorms for the next three hours.  I LOVE the smell of rain in the desert.

I've made a couple trips to town I'll relate later on.  Two more scorpions are no longer living and Miss Jessie's leg is doing MUCH better.  Thank goodness a trip to the Vet was not required.  I think the couch won't be required any more either.  


  1. We really enjoy watching those Gambles Quails, they are so entertaining. Have never seen the tiny babies though, I guess by the time we head south they are pretty grown up. Like to rope like what a great idea.

    1. I could watch the quail all day. The rope lights are so easy to set up. Definitely worth the price and mine have lasted well over a year now.

  2. I love the lights! The movies have always made you think that scorpions are so bad. They don't do that with bees. If you get stung, it's not any worse than a bee sting. They will even play dead. They won't attack you unless you happen to step on one.

    1. Really? I thought you would die from a scorpion bite, especially those little ones. I hope to never find out!!

  3. Jan
    If he attacks you, and you step on one 🦂 playing dead would be the least of his problems
    But then again, the vision of Miss Nancy running around with a shovel🕳🕳🕳🕳, 🦂 ⚰️🗑 :) is more than hilarious 🤡 Please👉 🎥

    1. I've never seen one play dead ... but I've definitely run around with shovel in hand over more than scorpions!! I'd rather kill it first, then ask questions!