Monday, January 21, 2019

The Last Sunset

Backing up a tad, I'm still in Indio with this image.  If you are ever parked at the fairgrounds, keep a weather eye out for the guys flying overhead. Sometimes they land out in the parking lots, but mostly it's the big lot next door behind a restaurant.

Always beautiful and I just realized, the color of Arizona sunsets.
The first two days in Q it was overcast and cold all day long.  It was nice the sun decided to put on a show on the last night I was there.
Skipping down the road to Vail, it's STILL cold, although yesterday it did finally climb up to 70 degrees.  I was actually able to take my coat off during the day, but that didn't help the night.  I was SURE I had an electric blanket here, but alas, it has escaped.  

I went on the look yesterday.  It's funny how there are no electric blankets for sale in the desert.  I had to order one on-line.  Two more cold nights before I'll be sleeping peacefully.  Yes I could turn the heat up, but I'm too cheap!!
I figured three big loads from the rig and I would be set.  With all that put away, mostly in the fridge, I sat down to rest, until I got hungry.  I made another trip to the rig for the leftover sausages.  RATS!! I forgot the butter for my toast.  Another trip, but not before I was SURE I had it all.

When dinnertime rolled around I discovered all the spices I needed were in the rig, along with some bowls and Cooper/Jessie bones.  Another trip.  

RATS again!  I forgot the sheets that need to be washed.  About six trips later, I was SURE I was done .... finally!!!
That would be incorrect because I planned a trip to the quilt shop to replace one piece of fabric.  The box with the fabric to match was still in the rig.  I'm going to wear out the key fob unlocking the door.

In between all those trips, I watched one of the best football games EVER.  The Chiefs played the Patriots for the Championship and the chance to go to the Super Bowl.  It was amazing to see how fast the Patriots could get down field and score ... something like 39 seconds ... and finally win in overtime.  I think there were seven touchdowns in the last quarter including overtime.  

I did make a trip downtown to check out appliances, only to find out I have a big problem.  I'll explain it all tomorrow because right now I have to go out to the rig AGAIN and get the dog food and dirty tablecloths from Indio so they can be washed.  At least I'm getting lots of exercise!!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Fleas Must Be Asleep

I suppose this isn't exactly a flea market, although many booths are reminiscent of roadside yard sales.  It's the big Sell-a-Rama in Quartzsite.  Be there or be square!!  Almost ever single spot was set up with a tent or easy-up of some kind, but no one was home.  I heard snoring coming from one.
It's actually one day short of the grand opening, but I hoped to miss the crowds.  Parking in the wash wasn't an option with the last huge rainstorm so I drove the line twice before finding someone backing out.  At least the dinosaur was awake.
Store after store was closed as I tippy toed around the mud puddles.  For my Golden Spike readers, the Too Crazy Ladies are alive and well.  We haven't seen them around in awhile and were wondering if they were okay.  
I have two favorite booths.  The first was so crowded I couldn't even get in to see the merchandise.  Turquoise jewelry must be the "in" thing now.  The second one is the kitchen store.  Really I've no idea what the name is since hardly anyone puts up a sign.  
I got two stainless mixing bowls ... could be dog bowls, or maybe a drip pan for my smoker ... for only $2.50 each, followed by silicone mixing spoons for $2.00 each.  These run $5 where I come from, if you can even FIND them.  We used them almost exclusively at the cooking school.
There is also a CBD oil booth.  Apparently that is the newest thing.  As I walked close to that one, the smell of incense almost knocked me over.  Me thinks someone is partaking in the back with the hopes incense will cover up the smell.  It doesn't.  I can smell the green stuff a mile away.  Is that legal in Arizona now??  If you're interested in the oil as a pain remedy, read Nick Russell's blog about his experience.

Here's the newest set up.  He also had the neatest, cleanest tent in the lot.  AND he was open for business, unlike those smoking and snoring.
That was it ... my big foray into the world of flea marketing.  I didn't take a picture of the fifty cow skulls.  That's rather offensive to me, even though I might like to have one hanging on the wall.  They come from slaughter houses, with many having fake horns attached.  

I stopped at the Cinnamon Roll trailer, oooooh cinnamon rolls, on my way out.  They were closed.  That's probably not a bad thing, since I found they are $6 each.  Yikes!!  I can make a dozen for that price.

I'm sad I missed the Big Tent.  I've already decided I'm making reservations for a week next year.  It will be pricey at the RV park, but that's the cost of having a parrot in the family.

At last I'm in my Arizona home and am happy to report there is NO snow.  It's cold as all get out, but no snow!!  My kitchen remodel is daunting and I need some advice.  Do I replace the countertops first and then the appliances or vice versa.  Anyone had experience in this sort of thing??

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Truck Butts

Okay, you KNEW it was going to happen!!!  I had completely forgotten about these darn critters!  What a GREAT welcome home!  Rotten little ..........  OH how I hate them!!  Too bad for him, he fell into my bathtub and can't get out!  Ha!!!!  There's one less scorpion in the world.
Back to Quartzsite, I left around 9:00 after calling world travelers Jan and Bill Mains.  Every time I head south, she says "you just passed by us".  THIS time I was determined to have a meet and greet.

Heading East on I-10, all I saw was truck butts.  Traffic was right up my alley ... very light with only a few trucks on the road.  The other direction was wall to wall vehicles.
Of course they passed me like I was standing still as I chugged along at 60 mph.  
Truck butt after truck butt.  If there had been anything else to photograph, I would have.  
If you've ever read Jan's Blog, you know how they have been traveling around the world on cruises and boat tours.  They live not far from me, so I was determined to meet them in person.  It finally happened yesterday.  They even came in my rig to see the zoo I carry with me, complete with Jonathan shrieking and puppies barking.

Funny how it feels like I know them so well before I even met them.  We had lots of laughs and I'm sure could have talked for hours, but I needed to get on down the road before dark.  I'm hoping to get back to see them again soon.
I arrived home just in the nick of time to unload the kids, set up Jonathan's heat lamp and rush over to the Chance residence.  As you probably have guessed, I NEVER turn down an invitation to dinner!!  Especially when it's one of Patty's fabulous casseroles.

Back at the ranch, I've got lots of unpacking to do.  Then it's on to things like replacing the kitchen counters, getting the carpets stretched and retacked, and figuring out how to thwart those little rascal javelinas from destroying my water station.  

I'll play catchup on Quartzsite tomorrow, along with a few images I've missed in the last few weeks.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Sightseeing In The Desert

You call it lost, I call it sightseeing.  Any way you look at it, it was a nice drive in the desert.  First however, I needed to spend some quality time with Mr. Cooper.  He's been feeling under the weather and has taken up my newly acquired couch potato skills.
My goal for the day was to find my Canadian blogger friends who dry camp south of town.  Knowing the area well (or not), I loaded up on food, drink and blankets just in case I got lost.  Who am I kidding, I always get lost out here.  

I stopped for a picture of the Quartzsite sign so anyone finding me would know where my rig was located.  I love this sign!
Six miles out of town they said.  So I drove six miles, NOT finding LaPosa South.  I drove a few more miles before deciding I must have passed the entrance, but by then there was no place to turn around.  It was another four miles before I could change directions.

I drove all the way back towards town, to find the gate to be FOUR miles out.  Hey ... four miles, six miles, what's the difference, right?

I passed the dump station and the garbage bins just as volunteers were loading up their pickups and trailers to haul all the bags laying on the ground to the local dump.  It seems the government was threatening to close the place entirely and chase everyone out due to the health hazard.  Thanks to these guys, everyone is thinking that won't happen .... yet anyway. 
I was following a big rig who drove WAY too slow, hitting his brakes every 20 feet or so.  Then he would floorboard it, belching out a huge cloud of black smoke.  Turn right at the second wreath.  Apparently I never saw the FIRST one.  I kept going until the road turned into a gully barely wide enough for my jeep with hardly a rig in sight.

I was looking for two things ... a Canadian flag and the Stinger "B", a gorgeous black, white and yellow Class A motorhome.  I could find neither.  I turned around and headed back, finding "a" wreath and turned left.  At long last, the "B" came into view, rather hidden by another rig.  I FOUND IT!!!!  Imagine that!!

Here's the group ... that's George in the cowboy hat, his wife Suzie on the left, me on the right, followed by Patsy waving, Nancy (same name so I remember her), Deb sitting right under the flag next to her husband Tom in the ball cap.  George, Patsy, Patsy's husband Bill (not in his chair) and Deb all write blogs I read.  I've followed them from Canada all the way to Quartzsite.  

For my Golden Spike friends, Bill's family is all railroad.  His grandfathers (both sides), his father and he all worked for the CNR ... Canadian National Railway.  He brought a book with him showing pictures of his family at the original steam engine repair shop.  What amazing history to view.
We talked and talked until it was WAY past time to hit the road.  I could have stayed and talked another few hours.  Luckily I made it back to my rig without getting lost or almost getting hit by anyone.  Some of these weekend RV drivers are SCARY!!

Once back at the rig, I had to make up to everyone for being gone.  Puppies got a treat and Jonathan got his banana bread.  In case anyone was wondering, this is how Jon travels.  I have two beautiful dining chairs that live in my garage while I sit on a lovely antique piano stool in front of my computer desk.  A shelf pulls out holding my computer, as does a large shelf below for the printer.

Jon's cage is wedged in between the window sash and the counter.  So far (knock on wood) it hasn't moved even an inch during travel.  That's a heater attached on the right (they have to be kept very warm) and a blanket to keep that heat in.  
Much as I want to stay here for the Big Tent opening, I'm really feeling the pressure to get to my house in Tucson.  If I stay, it's two days dry camping in the desert which won't work for Jonathan.  His heater needs to keep the temperature around 85 degrees, which won't happen unless I'm plugged in.  It's been pretty cold in the desert.   With no more days available at the inn, I'll be heading out this morning.

Jan, I hope you are reading this because I'm stopping at your house with hardly any notice!!  Isn't that how it goes with RV people?  Of course I'll call first.  I'm so sorry to miss other blogger friends Rick and Kathy who have been having terrible troubles with their truck.  They were here, I was in Yuma ... they are in Yuma, I'm here.  

Time to load 'em up and move 'em out.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Like A Chicken

It was pretty crazy yesterday, running around like a chicken with it's .... well you probably know the saying.  I packed up in Yuma, backed out MUCH better than I pulled IN to the Warner RV Park space and hooked up the jeep for the trip to Quartzsite.

Fuel was the first order of business and I discovered something new.  After all these years of NOT using my Flying J card because of password problems, the nice kid said all he had to do was scan it and the discounts would be given whether I paid with another credit card or just cash.  NOW you tell me!!  $2.65 a gallon.  I filled up in California at $4.89

Surprisingly, it was a nice lonely, leisurely drive all the way.  There was no traffic at ALL going my way and only a few rigs coming the other direction.  I thanked the Border Patrol for helping keep us safe and lucked out that all the flooding in the whoop-dee-doos had dried up.

That's when some idiot tried to run over me.  Turning right at a green light, I had the right of way.  Some guy in a huge truck and fifth wheel coming at me, decided to beat me to the punch.  He almost hit my rig as he made his LEFT turn, swerving to miss the guy at the red side of the light.  I honked LOUDLY.  I LOVE those air horns!!  I hate those idiots!!

He punched it.  That's when I saw in my rear view mirror, stuff flying all over the road.  Ha!!  I honked three or four more times ... longer and louder.  His biggest bay door had come open and with his speed, stuff was flying out everywhere.  Serves him right.  He finally saw what I was honking at and pulled over.  I passed him by.

Once I was parked in this EXPENSIVE little place, I took a deep breath and sat with the puppies for all of ten minutes.  I stay here a lot, but never during the big tent week, which explains the price, three times normal.

I immediately received a text from one of the Knights of the Round Table at Bingo.  He and a big group of Montana Owners were parked North of town.  He was saving a spot for me, not knowing I had already paid for this park months ago.  Come on out he said!!  It's easy to find!!

I'm sure most of you have driven around and around this area looking for someone.  The roads are numerous and every cactus looks the same.  Turn at the big cactus just doesn't work.  Yes there are signs, 12" x 12" ... a hard read when you're 100 yards away and driving.

After a couple of wrong turns, I finally discovered their HUGE crowd, all parked 10 feet apart.  Good heavens ... give me half an acre and I'm happy.  I'll stay where I'm camped for the time being.  At least I've got THIRTY feet between rigs.

On the way back, I discovered I was starving.  With all the rally food gone, there's not a single thing for dinner except ice cream bars (at least they don't have to be cooked).  Recognize this box?
YUP ... I called in an order to Silly Al's pizza, thinking since it was 3:30, I'd have no trouble finding a parking spot.  Ha!!!  The place was packed to the brim.  Thank goodness for skinny jeeps, as a spot opened up just as I pulled in.  Not big enough for the big trucks, they left it just for me.
I savored every bite.  This is the best pizza in the West.  Leftovers will make up six more meals.
I did take a quick spin around the block at the flea market.  Although there were a lot of cars, I didn't see many people at all.  Traffic was moving right along, not the usual wait in line for several minutes. Apparently the Rock and Gem show just finished in time for the Sell-a-Rama (starting tomorrow) and the Big Tent show beginning Saturday.  

I really didn't want to stay that long at all.  I've got a house in Tucson to work on, but we shall see.  Today I'm off to visit with RV friends I met through their blogs.  That's another "turn right at the cactus past the dump station".  The candy cane has been replaced with a wreath ... turn there.  LOL

I don't think I ever showed you the actual ice cream from the rally.  I have to say this is one of the best I've ever eaten.  If you like small portions, as in bars instead of bowls, try Costco's Kirkland bars.  The thick chocolate covering is reminiscent of Magnum bars.  Everyone said they were DELICIOUS.  The best part is you get 18 for $9.99.
I was hoping to hit the flea market for a time today, but with Cooper rather under the weather, I'm not sure that's going to happen.  I AM determined to find my friends in the desert, but I'm getting a full tank of fuel in the Jeep, just in case.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Stepping Across the Wet Wall

Somehow I must have been transported to another State.  Maybe Forida!  It rained all night long ... BIG drops that pounded the roof and kept me up most of the night.  Am I not in Yuma Arizona?  Desert?  Land of sun and 70 degrees all winter long?

Someone turned on the rain switch and it didn't stop until yesterday afternoon.  My first thought was to put off the Algodones trip for one more day.  If shuffleboard was cancelled, we should just stay inside with a warm cup of cocoa.  Cooper is even sitting in my lap as I type because it's COLD!!

Instead, I donned my ski parka and spent an hour looking for my umbrella before Cindy and I took off for Mexico.  Did I mention I forgot my phone?  Probably a good thing or I would have had big time charges.  Unfortunately, Cindy didn't bring hers either.  Stuck in Mexico with no communications and no camera.  This picture is from the internet.

It rained the entire time it took us to walk from the Jeep right on past the Purple Pharmacy.  I just followed, tippy toeing across wet tile the entire way.  No jewelry, thank you.  Nope, no dentist.  Shrimp?  I did think about that for a second or two.
We were headed to a pharmacy Ray had found with slightly cheaper prices.  There was no waiting.  I got MY meds before asking about something I got from the Vet for Cooper.  Unfortunately, they only had it in super sized doses.  I could cut them up, but then I would be unsure of the amount he was getting.  I passed.  

The interesting thing is my two bottles of atenolol (taken for migraines) and two bottles of Benadryl, plus a Z-Pak for when I get sick next December, cost $15.00.  Total in California ..... $120.  I looked on the label of one bottle and it had a price of $143.89.  It's no wonder so many flock to Mexico.

Still pouring rain, and packages in hand, we headed straight back to the border crossing.  My hands were full of purse and umbrella, so I wasn't in a hurry to get my passport out as I walked right by two officers.  I was instantly stopped.  Apparently you can't even get in line now without a passport.  I have no problem with that at all.

Fumbling around, I finally got the pocket unzipped and my blue book out.  They let me go.  Not only was there NOT a line but we walked right up to the counter.  In and out in less than 30 minutes.  It was just too wet and miserable to stay longer.

To make up for that however, Cindy and I went BACK to Grandma Jo's (I've been spelling it wrong) for another quick look.  One bolt of fabric in the sale bin called my name, along with this pattern book for less than half price.  SCORE!!
Back at the house and finally a little bit dry, we spent an hour going over quilt patterns, with me asking questions right and left.  I can't thank Cindy enough for taking the time to show me all kinds of new stuff.  My embroidery machine is going to be working overtime upon my return to California.

In the meantime, it's froggy foggy in Yuma.  Everything is soaking wet with no intention of drying out unless the sun comes out.  It must be on vacation.
This morning I'll be packing up for the next leg of my trip.  I'm off to Quartzsite to visit blogger friends, hoping I can find them.  They are parked out in the desert somewhere.  You know the directions ... turn in at "this" mile marker, go straight past the dump station, turn left at the grave marker (or is it the yellow ribbon ... or maybe it was red!!).  All the while hoping I don't get lost!!  Oh well ... that's just another adventure!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Shuffling On Down

I've always been up for a challenge and this time it was shuffleboard.  I was having so much fun I completely forgot to take any pictures, so those shown here are from the web.  First up however, it's puppy time.

I really didn't know if Cooper would be up for playing since he hasn't been around very many other dogs.  A quick walk in the doggie park and he was all over Miss Penny.  Let's PLAY!!!  She played coy, but jumped around enough to make Cooper a happy boy.
Next up Ray and I shuffled off to the shuffleboard court.  I met Dave who is the one involved in teaching most everyone.  I felt much more at ease when I heard two other ladies had just learned a couple days prior.

We drew numbers which tell you what lane you play, whether you are black or yellow and who your teammate will be.  I apologized to the two guys at the other end for my lack of skills.  Dave demonstrated the subtleties of pushing the disc (NOT a puck) down the lane with a cue (not a STICK).

Get your disc completely within the lines of the first triangle and you get 10 points.  Of course the guy next to you is going to knock it out.  Your TEAMMATE is the one on the other end pushing the same colored discs as you.
It takes a delicate touch.  Too much and it zings off the end or you get a MINUS score.  Too little and you get nothing.  Dave was a sweetheart.  As my instructor, he never killed my 10 point shots, so I racked up a good score.  Matching socks optional.
What a fun bunch of people.  THAT was a great game.  Now if I can only find a shuffleboard in my neck of the woods.

Next up Cindy and I headed out to Gramma Jo's to find some fabric to go with what I was collecting for a new quilt.  Cindy is good at fabric picking and in no time had me on the right road to success.  Not only that, but she's a quilter extraordinaire, giving me lots of tips and tricks, not to mention embroidery websites.  Her fabulous quilts always motivate me to try something different
On to dinner!!!  Here's something I've never seen before.  This park has a potluck once a month for owners.  It's called Soup and Salad.  There were FOUR tables lined up with soup, salad and desserts like I've never seen.
The smartest cookie in the building (Cindy) picked up our soup bowls before we sat down.  The quickest to the pots gets the soup of their choice while everyone else waits in line for bowls.  I had a wonderful cheddar broccoli, followed by corn chowder.  
My contribution was my favorite Bag O Caesar.  You can get the family size at Walmart.  I followed that up quickly with a huge chunk of bread pudding ... already cut up I might add.  This was a HUGE serving.  

I would rate this the second best I've ever eaten.  It was light and fluffy with a sweet brown sugar syrup topping.  YUM YUM!!!  Those Canadians can COOK!!!  
They also like to dance.  It seems a good proportion of the parks occupants are from the much colder Canada.  LOVE their accents.  After dinner, the band of nine started to play while the fleet of feet hit the floor.
It couldn't have been a more perfect day for me and the puppies.  This morning Cindy and I are headed off to Algodones for a quick meds trip.  I'm out of baby benadryl and am looking for Cooper's stomach medicine.  No idea if they will have anything like it, but I have the Vet's prescription bottle, so it's worth a try.  

If I don't return, it's because I ate too many shrimp tacos.