Saturday, August 18, 2018

AHA!!!!! I Caught You!!!!

You'll be happy to know it was NOT another spider I caught!!  It's supposed to be warmer the next several days, meaning no rain to flood the spider condos.  Hopefully they will remain invisible for awhile.

What I DID catch was the best this desert has to offer.  I have my computer set up with a view out my sliding glass windows and I constantly check out the water station.  Even as I do stuff around the house, I'm always taking a quick glance out the windows.

On this day, I spotted just the quickest flash of a long lanky leg that I recognized immediately.  I also keep my camera sitting on the same table as my computer, ready to grab in a flash.  This is why!!

Mrs. Bobcat was on the prowl.  I scanned the desert and quickly picked her up as she sauntered along the side of the hill.  Click click click.  She didn't even notice.
She was, however, sticking to the brushy side almost out of view.  It was hard to get the camera to focus on her and not all the cactus, but at least I was able to capture another beautiful "flower" of the desert.  
It was pretty hot this day, causing her to pant like kitties do.  She didn't pay any attention to me as she wandered on up the hill out of sight.  THIS is why I LOVE the desert!!
There is another great hunter out and about this area that I like to photograph too.  Queen of the jungle and the Arizona desert, this is Missy.  She can round up a bowl of food faster than lightning and scarf it down before anyone knows what happened.
Surveying her kingdom from atop the mountain, she makes sure NO ONE gets near her food bowl.  She has hearing like Superman and knows exactly when the door opens to the room containing Snoopy's food bowl.   

Instantly she rises like a lioness on attack and stealthily sneaks around until unnoticed, she attacks Snoopy's food, making it disappear like magic.  Of course you would never know by looking at her!!
Both great hunters of the desert ... my two favorite kitties to photograph ... meaning the Chance family has returned.  Snoopy is the other kitty and I'll show you pictures of her later.

I spent most of the day sewing on another quilt project before discovering how well a lint roller works on Miss Jessie dog hair.  Once a day now, I just give her a roll or two across her back, removing a ridiculous amount of hair, before allowing her on the couch.  Who knew??

Here's another first ... I actually sat on the patio yesterday afternoon enjoying the view in 93 degree weather .... and it wasn't bad.  Don't tell anyone I said that.  Pretty soon I'll be freezing at 70 degrees!!  


  1. I think we figured out why you used so much data last month,,

    Well,, it's probably because all the spiders were on the web 🕸🕸🕸
    They heard you were looking for a web🕸master

  2. I really think it's time for you to get a trail cam/ Critter cam set up by your water station
    Any animal or human that walks by will trip it, day or night

    1. I've heard of them, even saw one advertised on television yesterday. Do they pick up spiders too??

  3. Love your pictures of Mrs' Bobcat and of course Missy both are great hunters.

    1. Obviously Missy is the better hunter!!! She really is the sweetest!!

  4. Wow! It is incredible how close you were able to get to that bobcat. Such an incredible looking animal. Thanks for the share, hope you have a fantastic weekend. Keep up the posts.

    World of Animals

  5. Bobcats are hard to get pictures of because they are so allusive. Good job.

    1. During the winter I get even better images ... they come to the water station about 50 feet from my house. FUN!!

  6. If Miss Nancy gets her (desserts) she can't get (stressed) out .

    Why can't miss Nancy get (stressed) out for (desserts) ?

    Stare at it for a couple of minutes it'll come to uoy